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Investment and Trading Solutions Provider. This has been our core business since more than two decades. Our group was founded in 1988 by Mr. J. U. Mansukhani an Ex.IES officer and U.N.O. advisor with decades of experience in capital markets.

RBI Launched First Retail Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC )Trial

From usage of coins to paper currency and now to digital currency, the idea of money has undergone many changes. India has come a long way in a very short
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Bullish option Strategies

Bullish Strategies   Bull Call strategy Setup of the strategy Buy 1 call at lower strike Sell 1 call at higher strike Also known by the name long call spread,
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DCX System IPO

Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO Details Issue Price, Date, News, Allotment Status, GMP, Link, Updates

Dharmaj Crop Guard IPO Details Dharmaj Crop Guard is an agrochemical company that manufactures, distributes, and markets a wide variety of agrochemical formulations to both B2C and B2B consumers. They
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Bearish and Range Bound option Strategies

Bearish Strategies Bear call spread Setup of the strategy Sell 1 call at lower strike Buy 1 call at higher strike The maximum loss is defined. The worst-case scenario at
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Settlement of Futures & Options (T +1 )

T +1 settlement  for all futures and options stock To smoothen and fasten the settlement process and bring in operational efficiency, stock exchanges on Wednesday announced that all  derivatives contracts
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Force motors is in top gear

Force motors announced its latest quarterly results and investors immediately on the driving seat. Multi fold rises in profits sky rocketed the shares prices sharply and hit an intraday high
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Jagran Prakashan Limited Buyback Offer Nov 2022

Jagran Prakashan Limited incorporated in 1975, is in the business of printing and publishing newspapers with the flagship newspaper brands – Dainik Jagran and Naidunia, Radio City, magazines, journals, and
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Vedanta selling steel business and foraying into semiconductors

Vedanta Limited, a multinational corporation based in Mumbai, plans to sell Electrosteel Steels Ltd in order to concentrate on its core mining and industrial operations. Four years after buying and
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Reason Why people invest in Mutual funds.

Internationalisation of Indian Rupee

The Dollar’s status as the reserve currency was not established by mandate but rather as a result of the United States’ emergence as the largest economy in the world. The
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Air India merger with Vistara, Airasia

Air India airline was founded in 1932 by Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata ‘JRD,’ who piloted the inaugural flight between Karachi and Bombay. Tata Airlines was the name at the time.
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