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Option Trading

Get double bonanza in your Moneysukh account.

1. Experience the most powerful and low cost option trading platform
2. Protect your profits with pro tools and enjoy “ interest on ledger balance*”

20 Plan A

Per order + interest* on ledger balance + Zero delivery Brokerage

10Plan B

Per order only (No hidden charges)

*T&C apply.

Let's Get Started

    Option Trading On The Go


    Option Dashboard

    Access to all option data with a single click to choose your trading style.


    Readymade Strategies

    Pre built option trading strategies in nifty, Bank nifty and in all f/o stocks


    Live Market Charts

    Track and Trade live options through our real time charts


    In-Built Screeners

    Access your pre built screener i.e bullish- bearish, breakout


    Option Pay Off

    Easy to understand live Pay Off charts for day traders


    Option Chain

    Free option chain with real time prices including option greeks also.

    Benefits Of Option Trading

    Low Cost Potential

    Option trading pays the same profit at very low cost as compare to straightforward stock purchase

    More Strategy Available

    There are many strategies available and many new strategies can be made through our tools.


    Options are an excellent instrument for safeguarding your stock portfolio from unanticipated losses.


    Transactions may be carried out rapidly and repeatedly.

    Limited Risk for Buyer

    A buyer for option cannot lose more than the option's premium.


    Options are available in a wide range of instruments, such as stocks, currencies, interest rates etc.


    Trading options requires a lower initial investment than purchasing shares.

    Cost Efficient

    The transaction cost of trading options is cheaper than buying stocks.

    High Return Potential

    In the money options has lavish return scenario in any market conditions.

    Why Choose Moneysukh


    Earn Interest on ledger balance

    Triple benefits - Get interest* , trade at Rs 20 per order & free delivery brokerage

    *T&C apply.


    Latest and secure Technology

    Cloud based & user-friendly platform with lots of scanners / screeners to help your trading decisions.

    Round the clock support

    24 hours support and invest with the help of dedicated research.

    Let's begin your Trading journey

    You can access tools and platforms through your mail ID


    Trade Radar

    Experience the next level of advanced trading with latest screener, real time chart and powerful option tools.


    Live Intraday screener

    Track & Build your own Option Strategies

    Intraday Live Charts (Fox Trader)

    Algo Trading (Trade Tron)


    Mobile Platforms


    Web Platforms/Exe

    Learning Repository


    Crack the Market


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