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    Discount brokers in India are giving the wonderful opportunity to investors and traders to invest or trade in the Indian stock market, one of the matured financial markets in the world with well-diversified investment options for the people through various segments. Earlier only full-fledge broking companies were mainly involved in this industry but thanks to technological development, discount brokers are now offering one-click mobile-based applications to invest or trade in various financial markets.

    Moneysukh, a full-fledged broking company also offers discount broking services with the cheapest brokerage charges in India. With an edge of more than three decades of experience in stock broking, Moneysukh makes trading and investing not only hassle-free but also enjoyable with advanced trading platforms and knowledge-based investing services across segments.

    Discount Broker for One-stop Investment Solution

    Choosing the best discount broker in India will provide you the one-stop investment and trading solutionsin one place. At Moneysukh, you can choose from investing in various financial instruments like equities, commodities and currencies with facility access from one online platform. Apart from that you can also choose to trade or invest in F&O, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

    Equity Market & IPOs

    Invest in the secondary market or apply directly in the primary market or IPOs with analysis and recommendations by market experts on stocks from different sectors. Invest for the long-term or do intraday trading or short-term trading with quick order placement and profit booking.

    Commodity Market

    Trading in commodities becomes easier with Moneysukh with the facility to trade from anywhere. Place orders quickly with a fast fund transfer facility and trade in commodities and derivative products like futures contracts, options, and extended traded funds (ETFs) at the lowest brokerage.

    Currency Market

    Get involved in Forex trading with high liquidity and fast order placements. Tips and recommendations are also offered here with the right pair of currencies giving the wide options to trade in the forex market. Trade with the right strategies and maximize the chances of profits in forex trading.

    Derivatives (F&O)

    Trade in future and options, a high volume trading market is giving an opportunity to high-risk traders to enter into the options market with the right strategies in equities , commodities or currencies. At Moneysukh you can trade in F&O choosing the option chain analysis for better results.

    ETFs & Mutual Funds

    If not interest in directly investing in equities or other assets, you have another option to invest through ETFs and Mutual Funds trading on the exchanges. Choose from a wide range of ETFs and diversify your investment giving your portfolio a better exposure in the financial market.

    SGB Securities

    You can also invest in the SGB, a gold-denominated government securities issued digitally by the Central Bank of India (RBI). Investing in such securities through Moneysukh offers the right platform to diversify your investment in bonds and securities issued by the designated entities.

    Why Choose a Discount Broker in India?

    Choosing a discount broker for trading and investing has become the need of an investor and trader due to the paradigm shift in the trading platform. From trading methods to advanced online trading apps are giving a dynamic platform to the traders with quick order placement and fund transfer. Discount brokers in India have changed the scenario in the broking industry making everything not only easier but also faster, more efficient and affordable. There are multiple reasons to choose the best discount brokers in India, you need to know.

    What to Research & Analyse Before Buying a Stock of a Company?

    Features of Top Discount Brokers in India


    Advance Trading Platform

    All the top discount brokers in India are offering the advantage of online trading platform through mobile-based customized applications for end-users. These applications are easy to use making trading and investing easier with best features are online trading apps integrated with all the features like quick fund transfer, order placement and viewing your portfolio at one click from anywhere.


    Low Brokerage Charges

    Another feature of good discount brokers in India is getting the investing and trading facility at lowest brokerage charges , compared to full-fledged broking companies. Moneysukh also offers discount broking services at high competitive broking charges per trade and lowest charges in the various segments such as equities, commodities, currencies and derivatives market.


    Ease of Accessibility

    Trading or investing with discount brokers in India you will get the facility to get access to your trading account from different devices and cross-platforms. Log in with your user ID and password from a web page or through a mobile application with the same details and records of every transaction you have done through your trading account giving the ease of accessibility to the end-users.

    User-friendly Interface

    Discount brokers are also offering trading platforms and web-based applications with a user-friendly interface so that users can easily view the market data with live feeds and analyse the various factors before making any buying and selling decisions. Every section in trading apps is developed to see the demat holdings, manage the funds and place orders quickly.

    Discount Broker vs Full Service Broker

    Moneysukh is a full-service broker also dedicated to providing discount broking services to keep their clients enjoying the power of technological developments along with traditional broking services. Best discount brokers lack advisory services and offer automated chatbot-backed customer support services. But Moneysukh offers everything under one roof giving the advantage of discount brokers as well as full-fledged brokers and that is available at very competitive charges.


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    How to Choose the Best Discount Brokers in India?

    Choosing the best one from the list of discount brokers in Indiais another challenge for people looking to invest or trade in the Indian financial market. But the mystery has been solved, and if you consider various key points while choosing the best discount brokers in India, you can have the right partner to meet your trading and investing needs as per your ease and affordability. Find below a few key points that you should keep in mind while choosing the best discount brokers in India.

    Ease of Account Opening & KYC

    With discount brokers, the trading account and demat account opening procedure is easy with document submission and KYC verification everything is done digitally. Save your time and efforts while opening the trading and demat account with Moneysukh and start trading. The paperless and digital account opening process helps the customers become customers of Moneysukh.

    Booking Charges & Hidden Fees

    Low-cost trading is another important factor you need to consider while choosing the lowest brokerage broker in India. Moneysukh is providing low-cost broking services to buy and sell stocks, commodities and currency pairs at the lowest broking charges in the industry. No other hidden charges or fees, just a fixed amount on every trade with the flexibility to choose from various plans.

    Trading Apps User-interface

    The user interface of the trading application offered by the discount brokers should be user-friendly with easy navigation and accessibility of various features like buy or sell option, fund transfer portfolio management etc. From login to the use of various functions, every feature should be user-friendly to make the trading experience not only hassle-free but also enjoyable.

    Analytics Tools & Features

    For trading or investing you need a resourceful online platform that can provide you with updated market data with technical indicators and additional tools to analyse the stocks technically and fundamentally. With the Moneysukh trading application, you will get, from TradingView to advanced algo-trading software to perform in-depth analyses before making and buy or sell decision in any security.

    Research & Analysis Reports

    Discount brokers are now also providing a knowledge-based investing platform for the end-users with research reports on stocks, sectors and the economy. You can get the analysis of everything including technical indicators and fundamental analysis of the company to make better decisions while choosing the right company for the investment in various financial instruments.

    Data Security & Funds Safety

    The privacy and security of your investment-related details and the safety of funds are other important factors you need to consider while choosing a discount broker in India. You share your personal details, including your identity and address with documents while opening the trading or demat account, and the privacy of details in such documents is the responsibility of the discount brokers in India.

    Why Choose Moneysukh for Your Discount Broking Services?

    Moneysukh is one of the top discount brokers in India with an edge in offering low-cost discount broking service with extensive experience in full-fledge broking service. If you are looking to enter the stock market for investing and trading, you can choose Moneysukh to get world-class investing facilities with the best trading experience in various segments across the board.

    Most Advance Trading Tools

    The robust application for trading is the backbone of the discount brokers, hence Moneysukh offers the most advanced trading applications developed with the most advanced development techniques to provide the best tools and trading software for the end-users. You can trade with Traderadar, TradingView, Algobulls and Fox Trader like multiple other algorithm-based trading apps.

    Low-costing Broking Services

    Another reason to choose Moneysukh for trading and investing is the low-cost brokerage. Yes, Moneysukh is providing discount broking services at the lowest charges with plans starting with zero charges in equity to Rs 10 per trade for intraday and a maximum of 2.5% in future trading. Moneysukh does not charge any fees for account opening and free charges for research tools.

    Analysis & Research Reports

    At Moneysukh you will get the advantage of getting access to research reports on stocks, sectors and the economy with quarterly result analysis and IPO updates prepared by the market experts. Apart from that based on these research reports and recommendations you can also perform your own analysis to find out the stocks for long-term investment or for short-term and intraday trading.

    A Knowledge-based Investing

    Moneysukh not only encourages its clients to trade or invest in the financial markets but also believes in knowledge-based investing. Yes, here you can read blogs and tutorial articles on various subjects from basics to complicated topics related to stock market committees and the forex market. It helps investors enhance their knowledge and make the right decisions in investing.

    One Call Customer Support Online

    Though, most discount brokers don't have offline and dedicated customer support services they often use automated chatbots to assist their customers with options to solve limited queries. But at Moneysukh you can get personalised online assistance at one call away to resolve your problems whether it is trading or investing-related any query or solve the technical problem.

    Trading Plans with Flexible Pricing

    One of the most important reasons to choose Moneysukh as a discount broker is it offers the most competitive trading plans with flexible pricing to invest or trade in the equity cash market or future and options segment. Customers can choose from various plans as per their trading practice. In equity, there are four options, while in commodity and currency trading you have two options.

    Start investing in 15 min*

    Rs. 10 flat Per Order*

    FAQs – Discount Brokers in India

    A discount broker is just like any other broker having compulsory registration with SEBI, offers account opening services in Equity, Commodity & other financial instruments. It also provides online trading facilities to its clients on various platforms. A discount broker usually offers a trading app to buy or sell and transfer the funds at one click from anywhere at low broking charges.  

    As discussed earlier discount broker offers account opening and online trading services across various platforms at minimal cost. Furthermore discount broker and regular broker offer same field of services to its clients except few such as research or personalized services. They offer an integrated trading platform to link your bank account and buy, and sell stocks apply in IPOs invest in ETFs etc.

    You can open a demat account with depository participants (DPs) but to trade or buy and sell in the stock market you need to open a trading account with SEBI registered discount broker, sub-broker or full-fledge broking company like Moneysukh. Hence you cannot trade or invest in the stock market without opening a trading account with any broker or discount broker.

    If you are tech savvy and low brokerage is your first priority then without any doubt discount broker comes first. As a full-service broker along with trading and investing facilities, also provides research and analysis services to prepare research reports and send the same to their clients for investing in stocks or sectors with customer service to assist one phone.

    First Biggest advantage is brokerage. Now a day’s broker offers zero to 20Rs*/ order brokerage as compare to traditional Rs .10 of volume. Whether trade is in winning side or loosing side client have to pay brokerage with govt taxes. So discount broker having low brokerage plans reduces this liability and therefore profit margin increases significantly. Second discount broker offers excellent and seamless Mobile trading, EXE and Web technology. For younger generation who loves trading through mobile and laptops, discount brokers being their first choice.

    Biggest disadvantage is their online dependency. They offer services in online environment only. Still in India majority of clients participating in stock markets doesn’t have much tech experience. As a result they don’t prefer such discount brokers. Moreover due to their cost structure some value added services like relationship manager, premium research are not available on their platform.

    It’s the basic question arises in the mind of traders and investors. Answer is yes, they are absolutely safe and secure as they are the registered entities with SEBI and exchanges. Moreover, various operational audits are conducted from these entities to check their leverages.

    Account opening process has been simplified these days as brokers run to leverage technology in account opening process. It all take max 10 – 15 min to open an account through various modes i.e. web, what’s app. Broker like Moneysukh will demand need an Aadhar Card and PAN Card details with the registered mobile number linked with your Aadhar card and you can open and get verified. 

    Generally when you open trading account with broker, they automatically open a Demat account on your name. Documents required are same as while opening trading account i.e. Aadhar card, PAN card and contact number that is connected with Aadhar card. Just like multiple broker offer different trading account, an investor can hold multiple demat account. You can open a demat account with Moneysukh freely with a few steps of verification.

    To get the best discount broker suiting your investment goals demands some research work on the part of investor. So what is the thing an investor should watch out for; starting with brokerage / hidden charges, platform offered by the broker i.e. desktop, web, mobile, etc, research and analysis, etc. Once you have thoroughly explored about these points and made up your mind, all you need to do is visit broker website and Sign up with them.

    For opening the demat and trading account, a discount broker can cost you from free to upward of Rs 500 depending upon the annual maintenance charges (AMC) or platform fee a broker charge. While in terms of brokerage charges, a discount broker like Moneysukh can cost you 2.5 % or Rs. 10 per executed order, whichever is lower. And every discount broker has their own trading plans and brokerage fee charging rules for their clients.

    To open a trading and demat account discount brokers have different approaches to charging fees, few of them offer both these accounts freely with few terms and conditions. While many discount brokers ask to pay the annual maintenance charges for using their trading platform. Some of them ask for one-time charges for trading and demat accounts with different brokerage plans.

    Most of the discount brokers are charging Rs 20 per trade or a certain fixed percentage whichever is loweracross the segments. However, Moneysukh offers free trading and demat accounts with DP services. The demat AMC is free for the first year and thereafter it is charging Rs. 300/year + GST.  For trading, it’s charging flat Rs 10 per order across all segments with no hidden charges.

    A discount broker the extensive years of experience in the broking industry or backed by a full-service broker and offering trading and investing-related the services at lowest fees and brokerage charges are the best discount brokers in India. A discount broker asks for the lowest charges for trading or demat account and buying or selling the equity or other underlying securities in the

    various segments in the market, but if it is offering other related services like advisory, research and analysis with trading call and tips to buy or sell freely it can be considered the best discount brokers in India. 

    Moneysukh is one the best discount brokers in India providing discount broking services to buy and sell stocks, commodities and currencies or invest in ETFs and mutual funds. Moneysukh is also full full-service Broking Company with 35 years of experience in stock broking and now offering a discount broking service to trade in various segments at very low brokerage and trading charges.

    For intraday trading, Moneysukh is charging 2.5% or Rs. 20/executed order whichever is lower in the equity segment with one of the highest margins for the trading. For the delivery in the equity segment Moneysukh is charging zero brokerage, only charges are levied like STT/CTT, exchange transaction charges, SEBI charges, stamp duties and GST as per the rates applicable.