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Transrail Lighting Limited IPO Details: Date, Share Price, Size, GMP & Review


Transrail Lighting Limited – About the Company

With over four decade of track record, Transrail Lighting is India’s leading engineering, procurement and construction companies, with integrated manufacturing facilities for structures, conductors, and monopoles. Transrail Lighting business is divided into four verticals i.e. power transmission and distribution, civil construction, poles and lighting, and railways. The company has a footprint in 58 countries, including turnkey epcs or supply projects. As of Sep 30, 2023, it has undertaken EPC of 33,500 circuit km of transmission lines and 30,000 circuit kilometers of distribution lines, both domestically and internationally.


The IPO issue by TRANSRAIL LIGHTING LIMITED is both offer for sale and fresh issue. Taking the offer for sale issuance, the selling promoter will offload up to 10,160,000 Equity Shares aggregating to Rs. [●] million.

As per DRHP, the Company proposes to utilize Net Proceeds through fresh issuance towards funding the following objects:

  • Funding incremental working capital requirements of our Company
  • Funding capital expenditure of our Company
  • General corporate purposes
Particulars Amount
Funding incremental working capital requirements of our Company 2500
Funding capital expenditure of our Company 909.02
General corporate purposes [●]
Total [●]



IPO Open Date To be Announced
IPO Close Date To be Announced
Basis of Allotment To be Announced
Listing Date To be Announced
Face Value Rs 2 per share
Price To be Announced
Lot Size To be Announced
Total Issue Size [.] shares
(aggregating up to Rs XXXX crores)
Fresh Issue Up to [●] Equity Shares
aggregating up to Rs.4,500.00 million
Offer For Sale Up to 10,160,000 Equity Shares
aggregating up to Rs.[●] million
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE & NSE
QIB Shares Offered N.A.
Retail Shares Offered N.A.
NII (HNI) Shares Offered N.A.



The issue size of the IPO hasn’t been declared yet but it will be updates as and when released. The overall issue size of the IPO is Rs XXXX, out of which [●] Equity Shares, aggregating up to Rs 450 cr, comprise of fresh issuance, and the remaining Rs XXXX will be offered for sale by shareholders.


Transrail Lighting Limited IPO will be open on (DATE) and close on the (DATE). All types of investors can bid between these dates through their eligible categories.


Particulars 6M period ended Sep 30, 2023As For the FY ended Mar 31, 2023 For the Financial Year ended Mar 31, 2022 For the Financial Year ended Mar 31, 2021
Revenue from operations 18135.31 30861.37 22841.42 21390.86
Other Operating Revenue 332.6 660.19 658.73 464.29
Other income 139.77 198.78 71.84 66.58
Total income 18607.68 31720.34 23571.99 21921.73
Cost of materials consumed 10976.16 18214.11 12059.66 9950.34
Changes in inventories of finished goods and work-in-progress -586.08 -82.08 -178.14 603.06
Sub-contracting Expenses 1813.28 3471.57 3540.4 3645.72
Employee benefits expense 965.71 1790.37 1594.58 1355.54
Finance costs 794.03 1196.94 848.43 841.22
Depreciation and amortisation expense 254.81 458.26 378.39 340.49
Other expenses 3299.33 5197.97 4422 3767.88
Total expenses 17517.24 30247.14 22665.32 20604.25
Profit/(loss) before tax 1180.69 1482.94 901.7 1310.31
PAT 848.88 1075.68 647.07 981.81


Particulars As at Sep 30, 2023 As at Mar 31, 2023 As at Mar 31, 2022 As at Mar 31, 2021
Net cash flow from operating activities (A 159.02 1426.79 501.62 849.63
Net cash flow used in investing activities (B) -769.39 -1045.3 -813.91 -203.23
Net cash flow from/(used in) financing activities(C) 698.43 290.61 -3.72 25.31
Net increase / (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 88.06 672.1 -316.01 671.71


Key Ratios
As at / for the FY ended
Particulars 6M period ended Sep 30, 2023 Mar 31, 2023 Mar 31, 2022 Mar 31, 2021
Revenue from Operation 18467.91 31521.56 23500.15 21855.15
Revenue growth N.A. 34.13% 7.53% N.A.
EBIDTA 2089.76 2939.35 2056.68 2525.44
EBIDTA Margin 11.32% 9.32% 8.75% 11.56%
Profit After Tax 848.8 1075.68 647.07 981.81
Profit After Tax margin 4.36% 3.39% 2.75% 4.48%
Net Debt 4745.55 4802.08 4116.13 3400.24
Debt equity ratio 0.62 0.78 0.71 0.76
Net Debt to EBITDA 2.27 1.63 2 1.35
Return on Capital Employed 11.72 18.27% 14.94% 22.18%
Working capital days 60 53 61 54
Working Capital Turnover Ratio 2.99 6.83 5.97 6.7


Vertical Wise Order Book
6M period ended Sep 30, 2023 Mar 31, 2023 Mar 31, 2022 Mar 31, 2021
Power transmission and distribution 86589.54 84158.42 40899.02 27524.4
Civil construction 8217.4 9754.61 13181.17 22826.19
Poles and lighting 591.57 929.97 1661.4 1344.97
Railways 805.97 1349.79 3334.28 100.22
Total 96204.48 96192.49 59075.87 51795.78


Geography wise order book
Vertical For the 6M period ended Sep 30, 2023 Mar 31, 2023 Mar 31, 2022 Mar 31, 2021
In India 31212.16 33770.1 28615.14 35003.34
Outside India 64992.32 62422.69 3046073 16792.44
Total 96204.48 96192.79 59075.87 51795.78



Revenue from operations from sale of products, sale of services, income from EPC contracts and other operating revenue was Rs.1,362.45 million, Rs.71.55 million, Rs.16,701.31 million and Rs.332.60 million, respectively for the six month period ended September 30, 2023.

Company has done a Net cash outflow on capital expenditure in past years. Capital outlay increased from Rs. 166.79 mil in 2021 to Rs. 758.20 in 2022. For the Financial Year ended March 31, 2023 Company Capital Expenditure was Rs. 518.17 mil.

For FY223, net cash flow from operating activities was Rs. 1,426.79 million compared to a rise from Rs. 501.62 mil For Financial Year ended March 31, 2022.

Employee benefits expense increased by 12.28 % over Rs. 1,594.58 million in FY22 to Rs. 1,790.37 million in FY23 due a increase in salaries, bonus, perquisites etc.

TRANSRAIL LIGHTING LIMITED IPO Promoters & Shareholding of the Company

As on the date of filing the DRHP, Ajanma Holdings Private Limited was the biggest shareholder of the company with 85% ownership.

Digambar Chunnilal Bagde, hold 1.25% equity directly into the company is a promoter and executive chairman of company. Sanjay Kumar Verma, who directly owns 0.04% equity share of company, is a Promoter and Non-Executive Director of Company.

Name of the Promoter % of pre-Offer issued, subscribed and paid-up Equity Share Capita
Ajanma Holdings Private Limited 85%
Digambar Chunnilal Bagde 1.25%
Sanjay Kumar Verma 0.04%
Total 86.29%



Either applying with small subscription money or bidder for greater number of shares, one should check company’s fundamentals that help to know its financial performance and competitive strength that drives its business growth. Fundamental analysis apart from financial and competitive strength, also help you to know the risk factors that can affect the business operations and future prospects of the company. After evaluating the variables such strength weakness, financials, you may strike a balance and decide to invest or not invest in an IPO.

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In a listed company, apart from fundamental analysis, you can also perform the technical analysis, which also helps to know the share price valuation and movement as per the performance of the company. However, for an unlisted company, or company that introduced the IPO, you have only options to analyse the fundamentals of the company and compare the share price valuation from its listed peer group companies.

Competitive Strengths:

Proven track record in power transmission and distribution

Till date, the company has completed over 200 projects in power transmission and distribution verticals. As of September 30, 2023, the company has constructed 33,500 CKM transmission lines, including over 19,000 CKM of lines above 132 kV, proving its reliability as an EPC partner in the ultra-high voltage transmission lines sector. The company has also built India's first 1200 kV transmission lines, 30,000 CKM distribution networks, and built substations up to 400kV.

Established manufacturing facilities

The company has established several manufacturing facilities in Gujarat and Maharashtra equipped with advanced technology, focusing on the production of galvanized lattice steel towers, conductors, and poles. The company also has an in-house tower testing facility in Deoli, Maharashtra, which houses the research and development team and offers online viewing of tower tests.

Quality assurance

The company has conducted internal inspections and incremental quality control of raw materials to maintain quality assurance. The company has also conducted external inspections from CE and NABL. Their facilities are ISO certified for Management System like Quality Management System, Environmental Management System, etc.

Competitive Weakness:

Heavily reliant on government tenders, public sector undertakings

For the six months ending Sep 30, 2023, approximately 88% of revenue primarily came from tenders released by government entities, including domestic and international entities.

EPC contracts for transmission towers, conductors, substations, and electrification for Indian railways are primarily with public sector undertakings, which are awarded through a competitive bidding process.

Exchange rate fluctuation

The company sources raw material like zinc and aluminium from globe and since commodities are quoted in Dollars term, so the expenses are largely influenced by the value of the dollar.

Fluctuation in cost of raw materials

The company is heavily relied on raw material like steel, zinc, and aluminum for manufacturing of various products such as transmission towers, conductors, and street light poles. Seeing current geopolitical conditions, prices of raw material have become really volatile. If the company due to any reason couldn’t pass on higher effect of raw material price fluctuations, the effects of which could adversely impact its business, financial condition, results of operations, and cash flows.


Grey Market Premium or GMP is that premium price over the issue price, that a speculator or investor is ready to pay for an IPO-bounded company likely to list on the bourse. GMP is determined in the grey market as per the demand and supply of the shares in the grey market.

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The GMP is an unofficial ecosystem that keeps fluctuating in the grey market, hence it should be not considered as an individual factor while determining the share price of a company. As there are various factors, that affect the stock market in India or the stock price of the individual companies. However, you can use the GMP, as a speculative price, at which the stock price might be listed on the exchange.

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As per the sources, the GMP of Transrail Lighting Limited IPO is trading at around Rs XXXX in the grey market shows the share of Transrail Lighting Limited is expected to list at around Rs XXX if you consider the upper price band of Rs XXX announced in the IPO for the bidding.


To apply in the Transrail Lighting Limited IPO just open a trading account and demat account with Moneysukh and follow the steps given below. However, by opening both these accounts with Moneysukh you will have the benefits of trading and investing in various investment horizons.

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Steps to Apply for Transrail Lighting Limited IPO:

Step 1: To apply for Transrail Lighting Limited IPO use your PC or smartphone.

Step 2: Now browse to and log in with your User ID & password.

Step 3: Here just go to the IPO section and select the Transrail Lighting Limited IPO.

Step 4: Now you need to fill in the various details like price, quantity, and so on.

Note: Always keep in mind that while bidding at the cutoff price and then submit your application. 

Step 5 : Here before submitting your IPO application successfully you have to make the payment.

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How to Check Transrail Lighting Limited IPO Allotment Status?

To check the Transrail Lighting Limited IPO allotment status you need PAN and IPO application details but that would be possible only after 12 Feb 2024 which is the basis of the allotment date. And after 13 Feb 2024, investors will start getting refunds if they don't get the allotment of shares. You can use various online reliable sources like BSE, and NSE including Moneysukh to check the allotment status.

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The allotment of shares in the IPO is not possible for every individual, especially when the IPO is oversubscribed. If you have applied through either the retail category or HNI category, and both these categories are oversubscribed many times, then your chances of getting the allotment are very low.

If you don't get the allotment of shares in the IPO, your money will refunded to your bank account after 13 Feb 2024 and if you get the allotment of any share, then the allocated shares will be transferred into your demat account on 13 Feb 2024 of on the date of listing date i.e. 14 Feb 2024. However, you can increase your chances of getting the allotment in IPOs, if you follow tips and tricks while applying.

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