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In the financial market, equities are nothing but the shares in a corporation’s ownership. Equity is the money that shareholders are liable to receive when a company pays off all its debts and liquidates its assets.

What are the Top Factors Affecting the Stock Market in India?

What are the Top Factors Affecting the Stock Market in India?

The stock market is one of the advanced indicators of the economy, and also one of the most sensitive indices that is affected by various factors. The price of the
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Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market Advantages of Share Market

Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market: Advantages of Share Market

You can find various options and financial products in the market to invest and increase the value of your wealth. From FDs to bonds, real estate or precious metals there
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Equity or Commodity which is better for Trading or more Profitable?

Equity, Commodity and Currency you can find the marketplace to trade or invest in such instruments with well-organized exchanges and trading mechanisms offered through various online platforms providing an opportunity
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Why Fundamental Analysis Is Important

Why You Should Invest in the Stock Market: Reasons & Benefits

Investment in assets creates wealth whether it's real estate, gold, FDs or in equities. Keeping your money in the bank account will not increase its value, as there is no
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Advantages of Best Online Trading Platforms or Apps in India

Know Everything About All The Major Global Market Indices

Stock markets are becoming one of the favourite investment destinations among investors globally. People are investing in stocks or trading to earn a few bucks making this another source of
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Best Option Strategies for Sideways or Range Bound Market


Equity, also known as shareholders’ equity, is the shareholders' percentage of ownership in the company. It is the amount of money that would be returned to a company's shareholders if
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