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Best intraday strategy in low volatility

Short Butterfly is a strategy popular among many traders. A short butterfly or a long butterfly position can be extremely useful in creating scenarios with a capped risk or reward.
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relience ff

Reliance, Disney announce merger, Nita Ambani to head merged entity

By virtue of a legally binding agreement, Reliance Industries Limited and Walt Disney Company have agreed to merge their media operations, resulting in a transformation of the TV and streaming
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Know Before Investing in Stocks

Stocks to Benefit from Ram Mandir Inauguration: IRCTC, IndiGo, EaseMyTrip to name few.

Shri Ram Mandir, popularly known as Ayodhya Ram Mandir, reflects the cultural and spiritual heritage associated with Lord Rama, holds immense cultural and religious significance for the Hindus, and is
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Bullish Trend Reversal Candlestick Patterns

Best Option Strategy for Bearish Market: 7 Option Strategies

Earning a profit in the bullish market is easier, as you can buy any stock or during the Future & Options Trading to get high returns. But how you can make
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Trading or Investing Which is Better and More Profitable?

The stock market is one of the most promising as well as interesting fields for people looking to invest some money or wants to earn profits in a short period.
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What is Short Selling & How Does it Work: Is it Good or Bad?

In the stock market buying the shares holding them in your demat account and waiting till they rise to make a profit is the common practice that investors do. And
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Identify Trend in Stock Market

What is F&O Margin Penalty: SEBI Rules & How to Avoid it?

Derivatives or Future & Options (F&O) segment accounts major volume of trades in the stock market where people buy and sell underlying stocks, and indices in lots through contracts that
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How to Use Fibonacci Retracement for Trading: Setting & Strategy

In technical analysis, there are various tools and techniques used to analyze the chart and price movement of stocks. These tools and techniques help traders to know the buying and
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Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis: Which is Better?

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis both are an integral part of the stock market. Both are widely used by people to pick the stock either for short-term trading or long-term
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Yatharth Hospital IPO Update: Issue Price, Launch Date, GMP & Review

Yatharth Hospital Limited – About the Company Starting its first dispensary in Noida, Yatharth Hospital has now become one of the leading hospitals in Delhi-NCR with wide-spread hospitals located in
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