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What is Algo Trading

What is Algo Trading: How it Works and is it Profitable? What is Algorithmic Trading: Is it Legal, Profitable or Fails? The stock market is one of the highly volatile
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Why Bandhan Bank shares fall over 14.25% in the last three days. 

Why Bandhan Bank shares fall over 14.25% in the last three days ? Bandhan Bank stock were heavily sold on Tuesday, with the stock falling more than 5% hitting 52-week
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Go Airlines IPO Details, Lot Size, GMP, Allotment Status, Issue Price

Go Airlines (India) Limited IPO Company Profile Promoted by Wadia Group, Go Airlines is one of the 5th largest airlines company in India with a daily operational flight of more
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How to Increase the Chances of IPO Allotment

How to Increase Chances of Getting Allotment, Shares in IPO: Five Tips Oversubscribed IPOs mean investors are willing to invest in the shares of a company having promising business growth
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What is Cutoff Price in IPO and Why Bid at Cutoff Price

What is Cutoff Price in IPO and Why Bid at Cutoff Price ? Many times investing in the primary stock market gives lucrative returns in a short period of time
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Silicon Valley Bank collapsed

Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank; Impact on Indian startup

One of the most well-known lenders in the world of IT startups. Silicon Valley Bank, Santa Clara, California, failed on Friday under the weight of bad judgments and scared clients,
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Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner

Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner If an investor is directed to pick few companies share from a sea of traded equities, it may be more than difficult, if not unattainable.
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Options Trading for Beginners

Best Options Trading for Beginners What is the best way to attract the highest return from the stock market? Most seasoned investors will surely answer “Options trading” in response to
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Candlestick chart patterns

What is a candlestick? Candlestick chart patterns are a prominent component of technical analysis because they allow traders to evaluate price information rapidly and from only a few price bars.
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