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Category: Technicals

A technical indicator in finance is produced mathematically using trading volume, historical price, open interest data, and sentiment data and used to evaluate stock market patterns and investment decisions in technical analysis.


What is Algo Trading

What is Algo Trading: How it Works and is it Profitable? What is Algorithmic Trading: Is it Legal, Profitable or Fails? The stock market is one of the highly volatile
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Bollinger Bands: Indicator, Strategy, Settings & Analysis

Trading with technical analysis tools gives an indication to put your money at the right time and make some profits. And technical analysis tools work on the price movement creating
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Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner

Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner If an investor is directed to pick few companies share from a sea of traded equities, it may be more than difficult, if not unattainable.
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Candlestick chart patterns

What is a candlestick? Candlestick chart patterns are a prominent component of technical analysis because they allow traders to evaluate price information rapidly and from only a few price bars.
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swing trading strategies

Swing Trading Strategies Indicators & Best Stocks

What is Swing Trading; Strategies, Indicators & Best Stocks  Swing Trading is a kind of trading technique used while trading in investable instruments like stocks, commodities, and currencies. Swing traders
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Best intraday algo strategy

Humanity has become overly reliant on technology. If today’s generation tries to live the life that our forefathers once lived, trade like the time of Harshad Mehta, it won’t just be possible. Going
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Best Option strategies- Bull, Bearish and Range Bound markets

Best Option strategies- Bull, Bearish and Range Bound markets   2:1 Call ratio Back Spread The main difference between ratio spread and back spreads is if a trader sells one
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Short straddle and short strangle option strategy

Straddles and strangles are non-directional option strategies, meaning a trader can profit from either side moment in underlying, whether a significant spike or fall in the underlying security. Straddles and
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Option buying vs Option selling

Options Buying vs Selling: Which Strategy to Use? For the last 2-3 years, we have seen a drift of retail clients moving from trading stocks and futures to buying options.
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Best Algo Trading Platform and Trading Strategies

What is Algo Trading? Algorithmic trading, also known as Algo-trading, uses pre-programmed specific set of instructions aimed to execute trades when a given set of parameters are met to generate
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