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Category: Technicals

Technical analysis is a method used in the stock market to predict future price movements based on historical data. Traders use charts, candlesticks, and trendlines to spot trends and patterns in prices.


What is TradingView & How to Use it for Trading?

In the stock market checking the details of stock or indices technically as well as fundamentally is very important to perform the online share trading or investing strategy. When you
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Technical Analysis Useful or Useless or Enough for Trading

Is Technical Analysis Useful or Useless or Enough for Trading?

In the stock market trading and investing are done using technical analysis and fundamental analysis. For intraday trading and short-term trading, you can use the technical analysis that can give
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Best MA for Intraday Trading

How To Use Best Moving Averages for Intraday or Day Trading?

Moving averages (MA)can be used for both trading and investing in the stock market with a short-term or long-term perspective. Apart from knowing the buy and sell trend, or support
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How to Use Moving Averages in Trading & Convergence Divergence?

Moving Averages is another important technical indicator used by the traders while taking the buying and selling decision in stocks. From long-term trading to short-term and intraday trading, moving averages
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How to Read, Analyse & Use Candlestick Chart Patterns for Trading?

Trading in the stock market is more or less a speculative action that traders do to make some profits. But positions in stocks are not created blindly even for short-term
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What is Short Covering in Stock Market & How to Identify Rally?

In the stock market, apart from economy and industry-related news, various trading-related factors affect the movement of the index. GDP data, Industrial production growth, purchasing manager index, employment data, inflation
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Technical Analysis Useful or Useless or Enough for Trading

Importance of Volume in Technical Analysis: Use & Role in Trading

In the stock market, there are various forces working behind the movement of stocks during trading hours. Volume is one of the important factors responsible for stock prices moving in
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What is Short Selling & How Does it Work: Is it Good or Bad?

In the stock market buying the shares holding them in your demat account and waiting till they rise to make a profit is the common practice that investors do. And
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How to Use Fibonacci Retracement for Trading: Setting & Strategy

In technical analysis, there are various tools and techniques used to analyze the chart and price movement of stocks. These tools and techniques help traders to know the buying and
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Technical Analysis vs Fundamental Analysis: Which is Better?

Technical analysis and fundamental analysis both are an integral part of the stock market. Both are widely used by people to pick the stock either for short-term trading or long-term
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