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How to Choose the Best Trading Platform in India: Points to Check

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Investing or trading in the stock market is not possible without the right platform that offers a place for investors and traders to organize trading related to all the activities. A trading platform is a place that provides such facilities for to people carry out various activities like analyzing the stocks, reading the market news, chart analysis and executing a trade.

Trading platforms are integrated with advanced tools and techniques to see the market index or individual stock with an advanced charting system on TradingView software. There should be all the indicators and market-related data to perform the fundamental analysis and technical analysis with the tools to analyse and predict the price movement.

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Choosing the right trading platform is very important to make your trading and investing journey not only profitable but also enjoyable with hassle-free trading solutions for the users. In regards to the same, we brought here very useful tips and points to consider while choosing the right trading platform in India with various other aspects of trading apps.

10 Points to Consider While Choosing the Best Trading App in India

1# User-Friendly Interface

The first and far most important thing while choosing an online trading platform is it should be user-friendly for the end-users. The user interface should be easy and easy to navigate the various sections with quick access to important features.

Along with a quick and secure login function, the trading platform should have access to all the functions at one click like analyzing the stock price, market index, analyzing tools, charting and quick fund transfer facility, and buy or sell order execution facility. The entire functionality of the trading platform should be user-friendly and hassle-free for end-users.

2# Real-time Data &News

The stock market is a very sensitive zone, the main index and individual stocks moves with the various news like economy, industry and company-specific information. Hence, the online trading platform should get a news feed that can affect the entire market or individual stocks or their prices. A separate section should be assigned there for news.

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The real-time data of stock price updated with other details like volume, number of contracts traded in the F&O market and various other daily activities during market hours should be updated quickly to provide updated market information to traders. The tick-by-tick price data should be reflected in the chart or table with all the other information.

3# Advance Charting System

Stock market trading is not possible without an advanced charting system, especially analyzing the stock prices from a technical point of view. Traders use the charts for performing technical analysis with various other tools and indicators required to analyse the stock price movement and predict the trend and next move of the stock or main index.

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The trading platform should have an integrated charting system to show the stock price movement with updated prices and volume in trade. The advanced charting system has all the features like you can see the chart in different patterns like line chart, candlestick chart and bar chart. And all the charts should have the facility to use the indicators.

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4# Cross-Platform Compatibility

Trading and investing in the stock market does not remain accessible to limited sources. In the digital tech era, there are various devices where people can access the internet based various information from anywhere and anytime with ease.

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Hence, the trading platform should be compatible with multiple devices and accessible through cross-platform accessibility. The online trading app or web application should be compatible to open on various devices like desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Moreover, you can easily login through cross-platform with the same login credentials on all devices.

5# Researching & Analysis Tools

Investing in the stock market without researching the various aspects can be risky, especially if you are putting your for intraday trading or short-term investment. Hence, the best online trading platform in India should have the research tools and techniques. Analysts perform fundamental analysis and technical analysis while researching a stock price.

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Hence, there should be all the information related to the fundamentals of the company like updated financials, market news, corporate actions and price data. Additionally, there should be technical indicators and tools to perform the technical analysis. Such information and tools or indicators help to make the right decision while buying or selling.

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6# Wide Investment Options

Investing your money into diversified assets protects its value from the risk of various market conditions. Hence, the online trading platform should be not bounded by the equity market only, there should be a facility to invest in various asset classes like equities, commodities, currency markets, mutual funds, ETFs, Government bonds banks FDs etc.

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An online trading platform in India must have wide investment options for investors to put their money into diversified fields. Using the same section of the fund, users can invest in different assets with the facility to reshuffle their portfolio of investment. You can check or monitor all your investments from the same online trading platform using various devices or online platforms like web pages, dedicated applications or mobile computable apps.

7# Transparency in Fees

The broking companies in India provide the trading and investing facility through cross-platform charge fees and charges in various forms like platform charges, maintenance charges, trading fees, demat account charges brokerages etc.

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All such charges should be clearly defined by the brokers to offer a transparent fee policy to trade in the stock market. Some discount brokers in India offer the trading platform absolutely free of cost but they levy various hidden charges from the users while trading in the stock market. So, such charges or fees should be clearly defined by the brokers.

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8# Security and Reliability

While trading or investing in the stock market, you use the fund and various other confidential information with the brokers offering the trading platforms. While opening the trading and demat account you share your personal details and while buying or selling the shares in the equity market you transfer the funds into their trading account.

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All the information and funds should be protected with a highly secured protection system to keep your data safe from any unauthorized use. There should be a clear policy to utilize your funds on your behalf if you trade by calling the broker over the phone. Any kind of misuse of such information or your fund by brokers is not a reliable trading platform.

9# Fund Management Facility

While investing or trading in the stock market you need to regularly transfer your funds between your trading accounts to your bank account. Any kind of delay in fund transfer between these two sources can cost you while trading intraday in the stock market. If you want to buy any stock immediately and want to transfer funds into your trading account.  

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Hence, the fund transfer facility should be quick and completely hassle-free. Some trading applications ask for various authentication while withdrawing your money from the trading account. Though, from a fund safety point of view it is necessary it should be not complicated enough to take too much time or make the entire procedure bother the users.

10# Instant Customer Support

Last but not least, while choosing the, best trading website in India you need to check the customer support service of the broker offering this platform. As in any kind of troubled situation, you need help from customer support to resolve your problem. Instant or quick online assistance to solve such queries is important to ensure hassle-free trading.

Nowadays, most discount brokers or broking firms are offering customer support services through AI-based chatbots. This automated application can solve simple and usual queries with quick online assistance to any large number of users. But sometimes these AI-based applications are not able to solve the problems of the end-users.

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Here you need a personalized online assistance system to solve your complicated queries through the human-backed customer support system. The trading platform should have an integrated customer support section with an online assistance phone number to call anytime and ask for the right solution for your queries that usually arise while using the trading platform.

Moreover, the customer support executive should be trained enough to assist and understand your problem quickly so that he or she can solve your problem as soon as possible with the right solution making your trading and investing journey trouble-free.

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Final Words

Choosing the online trading platform with all the necessary features to trade and invest in the stock market trouble-free. You need to consider the various points discussed above to make sure you are getting the right trading platform at the lowest fees.

While choosing an online trading platform you should keep in mind various things like its user interface, compatibility or accessibility on various devices and safety or security of your data and funds. The right trading platform should be well-versed with various functions and features to perform the technical as well as fundamental analysis at one click.

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Moreover, if the trading platform is also integrated with additional features like advanced tools technical indicators research reports and useful insights about the stock market then it can be one of the best trading apps for traders and investors. Hence, you need to choose the right discount broker in India to enjoy the best online trading.

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Moneysukh offers the best trading app for beginners with the facility to invest or trade in the equity, commodity and currency markets. It provides online trading for all types of investors and traders to invest in stocks or trade in commodity and currency markets. And you can invest in any of the financial markets here with a one-stop online solution.

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Moneysukh provides not only an online trading platform but also offers various other services like investing in ETFs and Mutual Funds with the facility to earn money from Algo trading. You can choose here the best Algo trading strategies with the option to buy the stocks recommended by the research team. Here you will also get tips to buy or sell the stocks or book profits making your investment and trading journey more profitable and risk-free.

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