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Category: Commodity & currency

The commodity and currency markets have experienced significant growth in India. Understanding commodity price behavior is important as it is closely interconnected with daily life. Currency markets are equally important, as they allow domestic traders and investors to participate in global events. Learn the reasons, techniques, and strategies for trading in commodity and currency markets.

actors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rate Why Currency Fluctuates

Factors Affecting Foreign Exchange Rate: Why Currency Fluctuates

Foreign currency plays a vital role in the global economy, as it is the medium of money exchanges between two or more countries, international trade, and transfer of the funds
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Why Commodity Options Trading: How to Trade & Top Strategies

After Equity, commodities are the second biggest market for traders to bet or invest and earn some money with the price change in the different commodities. This practice gives the
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Indian Rupee slips below 83 mark against US Dollar

USD INR Options Trading Strategies Beginners Guide to Trade

Options trading is the underlying stocks, commodities or currency trading into the market with various options to buy or sell the contract. In the currency market, there are various currencies
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Earnings calendar for Nifty 100 companies

Currency Trading: What is Forex Trading & How Does it Work?

Currency is the medium of exchange in any country to buy and sell products, and services or execute any kind of commercial transaction. And each country has its own currency
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Expiry Settlement process (square off) in Commodity market

Expiry Settlement process (square off) of positions may be a notable highlight of the derivatives products where the purchase and seller positions are exchanged with an inverse exchange i.e., offer and buy positions separately. In any case, this feature could be a small diverse within the Commodities segment from the stock market. There are
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A commodity market is one that deals in raw materials rather than finished goods, such as cocoa, fruit, and sugar. Commodity pricing is primarily influenced by supply, demand, and scarcity.
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