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Trading or Investing Which is Better and More Profitable?


The stock market is one of the most promising as well as interesting fields for people looking to invest some money or wants to earn profits in a short period. Different people with different risk appetites and availability of funds participate in the stock market.

Trading and Investing are the two activities, people do here as per their risk-bearing ability and time horizon to spend their money somewhere. Both give returns but the question is trading or investing which is better or more profitable. Before we discuss the profitability we need to understand the difference between trading and investing.

Time Horizon: Investing is a long-term approach in which people invest their money with the perspective of having steady but assured returns over a long period, maybe three years or five years or decades. This helps to grow their wealth gradually.

While conversely, trading, is a short-term but very volatile process where traders do frequent transactions daily. In trading, positions are made for the intraday or a few days or a week or up to the expiry of the contract in the F&O segment.

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Returns: Trading can give high returns in a short period compared to investing, but if the market is volatile and the stock is not moved as per your expectations you can incur a loss. In trading, traders buy at lows and sell at highs, or short sell to earn profits.

Investing in the long-term, apart from increasing stock value you can enjoy multiple other benefits like interest, dividends, stock splits, bonus shares and many more. In long-term investment, you don't need to worry about fluctuations in the stock market.

Risk Factors: Though both trading and investing depend mainly on market movements, hence both are vulnerable to stock market-related risks. But in trading, there is high risk due to the shorter time to complete the trade, while in investing due to the long-term time frame the risk factor is very low. In investing if a stock fell you can wait and book profits when it becomes profitable or recovered from the loss and gives you the right returns.

Techniques: The techniques in both are different, as in trading you need to take quick decisions to pick the stock, book the profits or exit timely to minimize your losses. While investing, along with patience you also need the ability to analyze the stocks or market fundamentally thoroughly that is a slow and steady process and takes time to research.

Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETF) are the leading examples through which you can invest with a long-term perspective. And in the long term, you don't need to worry about the downtrend in the market as its effect lasts for a shorter period.

Nevertheless, trading is risky but can give high returns, while on the other hand, investing is safer but gives returns over a very long time. Both have their pros and cons but which one is better or more profitable, let’s find out which one you can choose.

Trading vs Investing Which is Better?

Trading or investing– participating in both you need knowledge and experience to use the tools and techniques while choosing the stock for trading or investing. If you have proper knowledge about technical analysis and rules and regulations of trading you can try your luck in trading that can give amazing returns in a short time.

However, for investing you also need the fundamental knowledge to analyze the company's financial strength, performance, future growth and current valuation of the stock. If you pick the right stock that is fundamentally strong and has the potential to grow in the future you can choose the right path to invest with the long-term perspective.

While on the other hand, for trading you need high market skills and real-time analysis tricks to identify the stocks for intraday or few days. Both have their advantages and disadvantages and choosing which one is better also totally depends on the ability to take risks in trading and be patient to hold the stocks with the availability of funds for long-term investing.

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    Trading vs Investing Which is More Profitable?

    Comparing the profitability between trading and investing is not possible as both have different time horizons and return capabilities depending on the stock market situations and trading or investing strategies that have been used while buying the stock.

    In trading, profitability can come within the same day, a few days or a week, while in investing you have to wait and watch the stock till it became profitable. Profits in investing can take time from months to many years with other benefits like dividends and stock splits.

    There are 50-50 chances of profit and loss in trading, especially if the market is volatile and a wrong decision can indulge you in the loss. While investing is free from such high risk, as there is enough time for the market to recover and stocks move in the long run as their revenue and profit grow, the valuation of the company also grows, increasing your investment.

    Trading or Investing Which one to choose?

    Trading or investing, both are great ways to earn money from the stock market. You can earn profits from trading and investing as well, but you have to choose the right option considering the key factors like your financial investment goals, risk tolerance ability with knowledge and skills to trade or invest in the stock market to earn maximum profits.

    Trading is more profitable if

    If you have complete knowledge of trading using technical analysis scanner and other tools or techniques to apply in technical analysis with the dedication to monitoring stocks and the ability to make quick decisions like buying or selling the stock at the right time at the right price, then you can choose the trading.

    Moreover, if you can take risks with the tolerance to absorb the losses, trading can be more profitable in less time. For trading, you also must have the skills to prevent losses or minimize as much as possible when the market condition is not favourable.

    Furthermore, for trading, you need regular practice to monitor stocks, screen the market heat map, read the chart patterns, understand the market volatility index (VIX) and correlate the various other factors like global markets that affect the trading and its mechanism, then trading can be very profitable for you. You can also take technical analyst help for that.

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    Choose Investing if

    However, on the other hand, if you don’t have knowledge and time, investing is the best way to multiply your wealth through the stock market. If you have long-term investment goals, investing is the best option where you earn profits with good returns.

    People having a low-risk tolerance with patience can choose the investment that can give them better returns compared to trading. In the long-term investment, your wealth increases with the time being as per the market conditions but gives assured returns, except in unexpected economic scenarios.

    But while investing personally, you must have knowledge of analyzing the stocks fundamentally and its do valuations. And if you don’t have such knowledge you can choose the mutual funds, bonds and ETFs are offered with long-term time horizons.

    If you don't have such abilities or resources and still want to go with investing you can take help from a fundamental analyst or research analyst who is an expert in analyzing stocks and recommend the best one to retail customers for investing.

    Alto trading

    Conclusion: Trading vs Investing in Stock Market

    Trading and investing are different from each other, especially in terms of time horizons and risks involved. Deciding between both of them depends on your risk tolerance and financial goals. If you can use technical indicators with right tools and generate profits from trading, then you go with a strategy to earn money from the stock market.

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    However, if don’t have such knowledge and skills, you can choose the long-term investing strategy, where you can invest through either mutual funds or directly buy the stocks of Blue-chip corporations or well-known companies that are fundamentally strong and have the potential to give good returns in the long-term.

    Whether you want to become a trader or investor you need to develop the knowledge and skills for both segments to earn profitability and survive in the stock market avoiding losses. Retail investors who are looking for a passive income without giving much time should go for the investing, if they have time and knowledge of the market can go for the trading.

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