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Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner


Stock Screener Technical Analysis Scanner

If an investor is directed to pick few companies share from a sea of traded equities, it may be more than difficult, if not unattainable. In retrospect, an investor can usually recall a small number of stocks from a large group of 6819 companies listed on the national stock exchange. Finding opportunities based on various variables is difficult and time demanding. Regular investors typically want to be in control of their investments. With the advent of stock screeners or share screeners, investors and traders can trade the right security without the time-consuming job of conducting research on searching.

When it comes to investing in equity markets, every investor/trader has a distinct market understanding and interpretation of security. Obtaining a complete list of investable security for further research based on one's criteria could have been a Herculean job if stock screeners had not been available. Stock screeners are used by investors to filter securities from a large database based on their characteristics or parameters. So, what exactly are stock / share screeners?

A stock screener is a tool that enables buyers to quickly filter through the plethora of accessible equities and ETFs based on criteria such as price, volume, market capitalization, technical pattern, and so on. A share screener can assist investors in identifying stocks worth investigating further based on particular considerations essential to the individual trader. Fundamental and technical traders, as well as expert and private buyers, benefit from screening tools. The more preferences an investor/trader adds, the smaller the basket of possible investments/trades becomes. The bottom line is that stock screeners have something for every investor and should be used to see what kind of information is accessible before making a trade or investment. Stock screeners are free to use and are also accessible for all Moneysukh clients free of cost.

trade radarHowever, thanks to a stock screener, the choosing time is cut short to a great extent. Investors can quickly filter out the pertinent stocks by using a few metrics that match with their financial goal. This not only saves time but also allows them to capitalise on market movements.

Advantages of Stock Screeners

Saves time and keeps you focused

Rather than actively looking for investable securities, a stock screener enables investors to swiftly and easily filter through thousands of tradable shares on the market based on their specified criteria. Stock screeners not only save you time, but they also perform real-time arithmetic computations, filter out noise, and assist you in focusing on the signs that are important.


Investors and traders can select their own favoured criteria from a variety of drawdowns and change filters to find stocks that fit their perspective. Moneysukh has revamped itself and introduced Traderadar, a free stock screener tool for all of its clients.

Improves decision-making

Stock screeners aid in faster and more efficient decision making by removing noise, narrowing the list of companies to study. Moneysukh clients can enhance their decision-making skills by visiting screener website, Traderadar, which is completely free for clients.

Widening opportunity selection horizon

"Necessity is the mother of all inventions," as the saying goes. Likewise, if you don't know where the opportunity is, you might lose out on the entire gains. A share screener can assist investors in identifying companies based on various factors and criteria and uncover new business prospects or stocks with the potential to develop in the future. The parameters can include, but are not limited to, gainers/losers, market capitalization, etc., as well as leading trailing, moving averages, pivots, and so on. Moneysukh has introduced a free stock screener called Traderadar for buyers and dealers.

Eliminates Emotional and Behavioral Bias

People are prone to making choices based on personal biases. These biases can cause investors to make rash choices that can harm their financial gol over time. Market screeners can assist you in eliminating such biases to an extent. A stock screener also eliminates emotional biases, which improves your yield on investment. A stock screener assists you in investing wisely by filtering companies based on logical criteria. Moneysukh, as an experienced player in the field of stock broking, understands what traders and investors want, so it has launched a free stock screener for its customers - Traderadar - to help them make informed decisions.

Automating process and Improves Accuracy

Manual search and selection of securities is always time consuming, and human error is not uncommon. The use of a stock screener eliminates the need for searching, selecting, and making mistakes. Stock screeners reduce filtering time and, with the aid of algorithms, eliminate error and increase stock pick precision. Moneysukh, which has decades of expertise in the area of stock broking, understands what people want, so it has launched Traderadar, a free stock screener for its clients.

Information Available in Real-Time

The Algos behind the screeners operate around the clock and provide results with real-time market data, allowing you to make faster and more informed choices. Sign up for Moneysukh and take advantage of Traderadar to get real-time technical, free share screener.

Limitation of Stock Screeners

Invalid comparisons

Garbage IN -> Garbage out. The result from the stock screeners will solely depend on the inputs by the operators. So the user needs to have clarity on the target it needs to achieve.

Stock screeners can be differentiated on many bases

  • Realtime / intraday /EOD
  • Sector / Indices / Market Cap
  • Price / Volume / OI
  • Moving average
  • Leading Indicators
  • Bollinger Bands
  • ROC
  • Lagging Indicators
  • Candle Sticks pattern
  • Support Resistance
  • Technical indicator
  • Periodic indicator

Stock screener



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