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Category: Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a financial vehicle that draws money from shareholders and invests that money in various assets. Professional money managers manage the fund and allocate funds in order to generate the best returns for the investors.


Indexation, Inflation and Capital gain

Indexation Because all income in India is taxed, you risk losing a significant portion of your gains by paying taxes on such income. Indexation is a method of adjusting an
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Mutual funds Glossary

SIP A systematic Investment Plan, also known as a SIP, allows you to invest a small sum in your chosen mutual fund scheme at pre-determined intervals. You can invest in
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ETF fund

An ETF is a stock basket created by pooling small-denomination investments from various investors that track a specific index, sector, or commodity, such as the Sensex or the Nifty. ETFs
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Mutual Funds

Real Estate Investment Trust

A REIT, or real estate investment trust, is a corporation, trust, or association that owns, operates, or finances real estate and is traded on an exchange, allowing an investor to
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union budget 2023-24

Classification of Mutual funds

Open-ended Open-ended funds are always open to purchasing and redemptions, hence, the name open-ended funds. The units are bought and sold at the declared daily net asset value (NAV) by
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India's real GDP growth

Categorization of Mutual Fund Schemes

Hybrid Funds Equity Funds Debts funds Corporate bonds funds Fixed maturity funds others Hybrid funds In order to achieve a balance of income and growth, hybrid mutual funds invest in
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How to Choose the Best Discount Broker in India

Reason Why people invest in Mutual funds.

A mutual fund collects money from a number of investors and professional fund managers after thorough analysis invests those funds in securities such as stocks and bonds. The mutual fund's
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