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Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Details: Date, Share Price, Size, GMP & Review


Sanathan Textiles Limited – About the Company

Sanathan Textiles is a leading player in India's polyester, cotton, and technical textile sectors, with over 2,800 active yarn products and 30,000 stock keeping units as of December 31, 2023. The business is divided into three yarn verticals: polyester yarn products, cotton yarn products, and yarns for technical textiles and industrial uses. The company produces value-added products such as dope dyed, superfine/micro, functional, industrial, and technical yarn, cationic dyeable, and specialty yarn.

Sanathan Textiles manufactures its products at its Silvassa facility, with a total installed capacity of 223,750 MTPA across the three yarn verticals. The company seeks to capitalize on growth opportunities in the yarn industry, considering its current scale of operations, network of distributors, number of customers, and experienced management team. The company is in advanced talks to setup a manufacturing facility In Punjab..

Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Objectives

The issue consists of both fresh issue and offer for sale by promoters.

  • The prompter wishes to encash some money by selling shares up to [●] Equity Shares.
  • The companies through this IPO want to raise money up to Rs. 500 crore by issuing up to [●] Equity Shares aggregating. The use of fresh issue has been mentioned in the table below.
Particulars Amount to be funded from the Net Proceeds Ratio to the total Gross Proceeds Estimated deployment during Fiscal 2025
Repayment of certain outstanding borrowings 1750 35% 1750
Investment in subsidiary viz. Sanathan Polycot Pvt Ltd for funding long-term working capital requirements 2100 42% 2100
General corporate purposes [•] [•] [•]
Total [•] [•] [•]

(in ₹ million)

Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Details:

IPO Open Date To be Announced
IPO Close Date To be Announced
Basis of Allotment To be Announced
Listing Date To be Announced
Face Value Rs 10 per share
Price To be Announced
Lot Size
Total Issue Size Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up to ₹ 8,000.00 million
Fresh Issue Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up to ₹ 5,000.00 million
Offer For Sale Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up to ₹ 3,000.00 million.
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE & NSE
QIB Shares Offered Not more than 50% of the Net Issue
Retail Shares Offered Not less than 35% of the Net Issue
NII (HNI) Shares Offered Not less than 15% of the Net Issue


Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Issue Price & Size

Total issue size of Sanathan Textiles is only known because the company through DRHP has mentioned amount that they wish to garner through offer for sale and fresh issue. Issue price is not known at the moment because to final RHP hasn’t been filed yet, with other important information like launch date.

As per the prospectus, Sanathan Textiles IPO Issue size will be around Rs 800, out of which Rs 500 crores consists of fresh issues and the remaining will be Offer-for-Sale (OFS) of Rs. 300 crores by the selling shareholders.

Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Launch Date

The launch date of Sanathan Textiles IPO has been not declared yet, hence it is not known. Once the IPO price and launch date are decided and the company plans to introduce the IPO, all the details will be updated soon with the latest updates.


Sanathan Textiles Limited Financial Statements:

Particulars For 9 Month ended

31 December 2023

FY23 FY22 FY21
Revenue from operation 22013.69 33292.13 31853.2 19183.55
Other income 127.99 158.06 161.4 146.15
Cost of materials consumed 16169.74 23349.1 20632.7 11012.69
Purchases of stock-in-trade 6.2 52.26 324.7 159.73
Changes in inventories -238.15 651.48 -719.99 34.34
Employee benefits expense 672.77 885.36 947.4 867.41
Finance costs 178.69 224.18 324.6 500.86
Depreciation and amortisation 333.52 434.86 421.7 397.69
Other expenses 3928.32 5758.63 5292.27 3829.74
Profit before tax 1090.59 2094.32 4791.22 2527.04
Profit for the period / year 815.86 1527.41 3554.42 1856.31
Basic earnings per share 11.34 21.24 49.4 25.8
Diluted earnings per share 11.34 21.24 49.4 25.8


Particulars 9 months ended December 31, 2023 Fiscal 2023 Fiscal 2022 Fiscal 2021
Revenue from operations 22013.69 33292.13 31853.2 19183.55
EBITDA 1474.81 2595.3 5376.12 3279.44
EBITDA margin 6.70% 7.80% 16.88% 17.10%
Profit after tax 815.86 1527.41 3554.42 1856.31
Return on equity 9.21% 14.36% 43.95% 34.53%
Return on capital employed 10.57% 15.54% 35.83% 24.71%
Net debt 2942.99% 2719.82% 3702.62% 5146.32%
Net debt 2942.99 2719.82 3702.62 5146.32
Net debt / EBITDA 1.5 1.05 0.69 1.57
Fixed asset turnover ratio 3.15 3.51 3.56 2.16
Working capital cycle 55 days 44 daya 65 daya 53 days


Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Promoters & Shareholding of the Company

There are eight promoters of Sanathan Textiles Limited, in together they hold about 97% of paid up Equity Share Capital of the company.

Name of the Promoter No. of Equity Shares % of pre-Offer issued, subscribed and

 paid-up Equity Share Capital

Nimbus Trust 10475000 14.56 -
D&G Family Trust 10475000 14.56 -
A&J Family Trust 10475000 14.56 -
P&B Family Trust 10475000 14.56 -
Paresh Vrajlal Dattani 7012600 9.75 Promoter, Chairman & MD
Ajay Vallabhdas Dattani 7327650 10.19 Promoter and Joint MD
Anilkumar Vrajdas Dattani 6819700 9.48 Promoter and Executive Director
Dinesh Vrajdas Dattani 7112800 9.89 Promoter
Total 70172750 97.55  


Why Invest in Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO?

While investing in an IPO-bounded company, one should check their fundamentals that help an investor to Visions Company’s financial performance and competitive strength which at last drives its business growth. Fundamental analysis apart from financial and competitive strength, also help you to know the risk factors that can affect the business operations and future prospects of the company. After evaluating the variables such strength weakness, financials, you may strike a balance and decide to invest or not invest in an IPO.


Focus on the product development through process innovation

The company with its 5 member in-house Product Innovation and Development team located in Silvassa, is dedicated to creating unique products that cater to specific customer requirements. Some key value-added products include Cationic Dyeable, born dyed, functional, industrial, speciality, and superfine/micro yarns. The company has an in-house testing facility equipped with advanced equipment And constantly analyze, test, and improve their products, staying abreast of the latest market trends to develop innovative value-added yarns.

Strategic location of manufacturing plant

Location of the manufacturing facility at Silvassa in western Gujarat is strategically important because the unit is near supply chain for the polyester segment and the presence of raw material manufacturers like Reliance Industries. Also, the company’ has access to Gujarat and Maharashtra's textile markets.

Low customer concentration

The company has consistently had low customer concentration as it relies more on delivering quality, which in turn is reflected in long term relationship with customers. Over the years, the company with its 902 distributors across 7 countries, has catered to over 2500 customers and at same time has established long-standing relationships with leading consumer brands such as Welspun India Limited, Valson Industries Limited, G.M. Fabrics Private Limited, Premco Global Limited, etc.

Company’s revenue from operations from top 10 and 5 consumers is shown in below table.

Particulars 9 months ended

Dec 31, 2023

Fiscal 2023 Fiscal 2022 Fiscal 2021
Revenue (₹ million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (₹ million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (₹ million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (₹ million) % of revenue from operations
Top 10 customers 5000.7 22.72 7340.61 22.05 6530.84 20.5 4053.99 21.13
Top 5 customers 3162.92 14.37 4693.76 14.1 4088.03 12.83 2621.06 13.66


Expanding manufacturing capacity

Sanathan Textiles present installed facility at Silvassa is running near 100% capacity and to cater increasing demand, the company is in advanced talks to commission a greenfield facility in Punjab.

Punjab facility would be built in 2 phases:

  • 1st phase is expected to be completed by FY25
  • 2nd Phase is expected to be completed in Fiscal 2027.

Total installed capacity

Products Name December 31, 2023 (MTPA) March 31, 2023 March 31, 2022 March 31, 2021
Polyester 200750 200750 200750 200750
Cotton Yarn 14000 14000 14000 14000
Technical Textiles 9000 9000 9000 5475


Actual production and Capacity utilisation

Product Actual production (in MTPA)
9 months ended Dec 31, 2023 Capacity utilization (%) Fiscal 2023 Capacity utilization (%) Fiscal 2022 Capacity utilization (%) Fiscal 2021 Capacity utilization (%)
Polyester 152183 101.08 211.611 105.41 208316 103.77 168.35 83.86
Cotton Yarn 11680 111.26 13959 99.71 14907 106.48 9533 68.09
Technical Textiles 6278 93 7866 87.4 7171 102.44 4661 85.15



Dependency on production facility

The company has only one manufacturing facility up and running at Silvassa, Gujrat. Any problem, whether operational, technical, or interference from government officials, could affect company's operations and profitability. However, seeing the capacity utilization and demand graph, they are in talks of commissioning a greenfield facility in Wazirabad, Punjab.

Delays on the part of clients

The company is vulnerable to payment delays and any defaults on the part of clients can impact its financial position and performance. Below mentioned is outstanding as at December 31, 2023:

Particulars Outstanding for following periods from due date of payment
Less than 6 months 6 months -1 year 1-2 years 2-3 years More than 3 years Total
Undisputed trade receivables - considered good 1265.01 86.09 108.59 1456.69
Disputed trade Receivables - credit impaired 5.36 5.36


Numerous Tax Litigation

As per the DRHP, the company is facing numerous tax litigations amounting to roughly Rs. 178 crore. If the verdict of tax demand comes against the company, it could have a material impact on the profitability of the business.

Slowdown in economic momentum

Indian economy as per recent economic data is doing fine, but any slowdown or kind of disruption in global market can have implications for the domestic market. The aftereffects of COVID led to rising inflation, which forced central banks to increase interest rates and take other precautionary measures to control inflation. As of now the inflation is under control but if inflation starts to rise again due to geopolitical tension or commodity led boom, it could result in economic momentum to lose stream, which could have negative effect on economy and business sentiments.


Particulars 9 months ended Dec 31, 2023 Fiscal 2023 Fiscal 2022 Fiscal 2021
Revenue (in million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (in million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (in million) % of revenue from operations Revenue (in million) % of revenue from operations
Exports 967.73 4.4 3401.88 10.22 4155.8 13.05 2418.73 12.61
Domestic 21045.96 95.6 29890.25 89.78 27697.4 86.95 16764.82 87.39
Total 22013.69 100 33292.13 100 31853.2 100 19183.55 100


Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Grey Market Premium

GMP is the premium price paid over the IPO issue price. This premium is seen from speculator or trader view, that they are ready to pay in the grey market. GMP is an unofficial ecosystem that is determined in the grey market and keeps fluctuating as per the demand and supply of the shares in the primary market. However, GMP only should be not considered as a reliable factor to determine the listing price of an IPO-bounded company, as there are various factors that affect the stock market and individual stocks.

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The DRHP has only been filled with the SEBI and no further news on issue launch date is present in market. As and when the RHP is filed and date of IPO comes near, grey market premium price discovery will be made available through online sources.

Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO Review & Analysis

Since India is betting big on infrastructure, the government, through policies with the help of private employers, is focusing on shifting the population from agriculture to the private sector, bringing in more women to the labor force, increasing demand for apparel in the fashion industry, and growing e-commerce platforms. These are expected to grow steadily over the next few years. According to the research shared in the prospectus, the Indian textile and apparel industry is projected to grow at a CAGR of 6.0–7.0% until FY28, with exports growing at a CAGR of 4.5–5.5%.

The Silvassa manufacturing facility is already running near full capacity, and with the initiation of the new facility, the company seeks to capitalize on growth opportunities that will lead to improvements in their financial situation over time and also lower the risk of the geographical presence of the facility.

How to Apply for Sanathan Textiles Limited IPO?

If you choose the best discount brokers in India like Moneysukh, you can easily apply in the Sanathan Textiles Limited or invest in any listed companies in the secondary market. You just need to open a trading account and demat account to apply in the IPOs, or do trading and investing in the stock market through the best trading platform at Moneysukh.

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Here you will enjoy all the facilities and advantages of the best online trading app through the most advanced trading software or algorithms like Trade RadarTradeTronQuantmanAlgoBulls, Keev and FoxTrader with the best charting system TradingView to trade or invest in equitiescommodities and forex marketRight now to apply for the Mobikwik IPO you can follow the steps given below.

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Steps to Apply for Sanathan Textiles Limited:

Step 1: Wait for the date Sanathan Textiles Limited to open for online bidding.

Step 2: Now browse the and log in with your User ID & password.

Step 3: Here you need to find the IPO section and click on Sanathan Textiles Limited.

Step 4: Now just fill in the required details like price, quantity, and so on.

Note: While applying in any IPO, make sure to bid at the cutoff price before submitting your application. 

Step 5: Finally make the payment and then submit your IPO application successfully.

How to Check Sanathan Textiles Limited Allotment Status?

Apart from Moneysukh, you can also use stock exchange websites like BSE or NSE to check the Sanathan Textiles Limited allotment status. Checking the allotment status is possible only after the closing of the bidding and the basis of the allotment date arrives. You can use your PAN card details and IPO application number to check the Mobikwik IPO allotment status.

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However, if the IPO is oversubscribed in all the categories including retail and HNI, then there is less chance of getting the allotment of shares. But if you follow the investing tips while applying for in IPO, you can improve your chances of allotment in the IPO.

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If you have not been allotted any share, your IPO application money will be refunded into your bank account or the fund will be unblocked if applied through ASBA. If you have allocated any share in the allotment, then it will be transferred into your demat account before the listing that you can sell to book profits or keep from the long-term investment viewpoint.

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