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TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Details, Date, Allotment Status, Updates, Issue Price, GMP & Review

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TVS Supply Chain Solutions – Company’s Business Profile

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited, a part of Rs 15,000 crore TVS Mobility Group and one of the largest companies under the TVS fold. TVS Supply Chain Solutions offers supply chain solutions with global capabilities and networks across the value chain with cross-deployment abilities making this India’s largest and fastest-growing integrated supply chain company.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Business Verticals

Promoted by the erstwhile TVS Group, TVS Supply Chain Solutions operates into four business verticals. (i) Supply chain solutions

(ii) Manufacturing

(iii) Auto dealership and

(iv) Aftermarket sales & service.

The company is specialized to deliver simplified solutions to the customer's supply chains by using advanced technology, data analytics and the right execution gained through the experience.

This kind of competitive approach offers key solutions like inventory planning and production with accurate demand forecasting, network optimization, procurement management, clear visibility and supply chain swiftness to handle evolving needs.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions has a well-diversified customer portfolio that operates in diverse industries like automotive, industrial, tech and tech infra, rail and utilities, consumer, and healthcare.

TVS Supply chain operates with a workforce of over 30,000 personnel and has a presence in more than 25 countries, including the US, UK, Germany, Spain and Thailand with facilities situated in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific Regions.

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TVS Supply Chain Solutions Top Clients

The top customers of the TVS Supply chain are well-known companies and some of them are Mahindra & Mahindra Limited, Hyundai Motor India Limited, Ashok Leyland Limited, Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Private Limited, Hero MotoCorp Limited, TVS Motor Company Limited, TVS Sri chakra Limited, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning India Limited, Sony India Private Limited, Diebold Nixdorf, Lexmark International Technology Sarl, VARTA Micro battery Pte Ltd, Modicare Limited, Panasonic Life Solutions India Private Limited, Dennis Eagle Limited and Electricity North West Limited.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Details:


Issue Open Date
Issue Close Date -
Price Band
Face Value Rs.1
Issue Size (Value) Rs. 5,000 Crore
Issue price
Minimum lot
Market Lot
Stock Exchange NSE,BSE
Issue Type Book Built Offer
QIB Portion Not more than 50% of the Offer
NIB Portion Not less than 15% of the Offer
Retail Portion Not less than 35% of the Offer
Fresh Issue Rs 2,000 Crore
Offer for Sale Rs 3,000 crore
Offer for Sale (No of Equity Shares) 59,477,497 shares


TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Issue Price & Size

TVS Supply Chain Solution IPO issue price is (---------), and the IPO issue size would be around Rs 5,000 with a fresh equity issue of up to ₹2,000 crore and an Offer for Sale (OFS) of up to 5.95 crore equity shares by the promoter and existing investors.

As per the draft prospectus, the company's existing shareholders, including promoters; Omega TC Holdings; Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd, Mahogany Singapore Company PTE. Ltd; and DRSR Logistics Service Pvt Ltd will sell 5.948 crore shares in the IPO.

TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Objectives

The main objective of this IPO is to raise funds and repay the outstanding. Out of Rs 2,000 crore, Rs 1,166 crore will be used to repay the borrowings that will help the company to improve the debt-to-equity ratio and reduce the interest cost allowing the company to utilize the same for further investment in the business for growth and expansion of the company.

In the raining amount of the IPO, Rs 75.20 crore will be deployed in fiscal 2023 for the capitalisation of its strategically important subsidiaries located in Germany, the US and Thailand to leverage growth opportunities into these key overseas markets.

Another Rs 60 crore will also be invested into the company's UK arm that willraise its stake in Rico UK to 100%. While as per the DRHP, the remaining amount will be kept as a reserve for general corporate purposes and the inorganic growth of the company.

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    TVS Supply Chain Solutions Financial Statement:


    Particulars (Rs in Crore) FY23(6M) FY22 FY21 FY20 CAGR
    Revenue from Operations 5419.23 9249.79 6933.6 6604.55 11.90%
    Other Income 37.02 50.15 66.09 188.21
    Operational Cost 658.87 1170.92 933.22 904.41
    Employee Cost 1055.4 1889.13 1805.03 1809.64
    Other expenses 3372.75 5577.17 3808.66 3647.01
    EBITDA 369.24 662.71 452.78 431.70 15.40%
    EBITDA margin% 6.81% 7.16% 6.53% 0.07
    Depreciation 254.22 461.05 443.28 444.50
    Interest 87.26 154.95 175.6 231.19
    Exceptional Items 2.31 -33.17 49.67 2.19
    Profit / (loss) before tax 30.08 13.55 -116.43 -241.80
    Total tax -7.97 58.43 -42.52 6.23  
    Profit / (loss) After tax 38.05 -44.88 -73.90 -248.03  
    Profit / (loss) After tax margin% 0.70% -0.49% -1.07% -0.04


    TVS Supply Chain Solutions Financial Performance

    In FY22, the company’s revenue from operations surged 33.4% to Rs 9,250 crore from Rs 6,934 crore in FY21. And this stellar growth continues into the first six months of FY23 as well. In the first half of FY23, the company generated revenue from operations of Rs 5,419 crore and registered a growth of 27.8% on a year-on-year (YoY) basis.

    The revenue from India operations grew 52.3% YoY to ₹1,627, while revenue from the global market rose 19.6% YoY to ₹3,792 crore, the company. Nevertheless, in FY22, the company incurred a loss of Rs 44.88 crore against a loss of Rs 73.90 crore and Rs 248.03 in FY21 and FY20 respectively.

    However, the company turned profitable in the first half of FY23 and generated a profit of RS 38.05 crore for the same period against a loss of Rs 57.78 crore in FY22.


    TVS Supply Chain Solutions Promoters & Shareholders

    The company’s existing shareholders, including promoters; Omega TC Holdings; Mahogany Singapore Company PTE. Ltd; Tata Capital Financial Services Ltd and DRSR Logistics Service Pvt Ltd will sell 5.948 crore shares in the IPO, as per the draft prospectus.

    Why Invest in TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO?

    TVS Supply Chain is no doubt one of the fastest growing supply chain companies with the capabilities and strong network with the ability to cross-distribution abilities making this one of the fast growing integrated supply chain companies in India.

    The company is looking the opportunities in both segments e-commerce and non-e-commerce supply chain services. As per the TVS Supply Chain Solutions, the e-commerce logistics business is likely to grow by $6 billion in the next four years (In India), while the non-e-commerce supply chain is likely to grow by $12 billion during the same period.

    Hence, the size and scope of the non-e-commerce supply chain are large, but in the company's e-commerce supply chain segment, the company has participated in the B2B side of the business and presence in the fulfilment side (B2b) making a good opportunity.

    Similarly, there are various aspects you need to consider if you are investing in TVS supply chain solutions IPO. We have covered here the strengths opportunities and weaknesses of the threats TVS Supply Chain can face while operating in the business.


    • TVS supply chain solutions enjoy market leadership with end-to-end solutions backed with domain expertise and global outreach.
    • The increase in consumption across the end-user industries in the Indian market also increases the demand for logistics and supply chain services.
    • The company is operating with cloud-based digital platforms powered by a micro-service-based architecture that is highly scalable and reliable. It enables the company to implement innovative solutions developed for a single industry and can be applied to other industries helping the company enhance its value.
    • Operating with a well-diversified portfolio - TVS Supply chain solutions earns 24% revenue from automobiles, 26% from industrial, 17.5% from the technology sector and 12.5% from consumer durables.
    • Operating with diversified industries and gained experience with the company's capability and technology to easily adapted to multiple segments and provide end-to-end supply chain solutions across multiple sectors.
    • Apart from huge growth opportunities in core sectors like auto, industrial, retail durables, technology and consumer. The company has also diversified into other key sectors such as utilities, defence, rail, and beverages and continues to explore emerging sectors like EV, Clean Energy and Health-tech to expand its business.
    • TVS supply chain solutions have a long-standing track record of acquiring companies for new capabilities and integrating them into their own business.
    • Over the years the company has acquired and successfully integrated 65 companies to expand its international geographical reach and build networks.
    • Though, over the past three years company has incurred huge losses due to high employee costs and other expenses but gradually in the same period it has managed to reduce the losses and became a profitable company in F23.


    • Huge competition in the logistics and supply chain services poses the risk of losing existing customers if they find unreliable or unsatisfactory services. This kind of failure to maintain relationships with existing customers can badly affect the business and revenue of the company.
    • Due to the high reliability of technology infrastructure and software suited for operating its business, any kind of disruption can affect the business of the company.
    • The inability to control the increasing operating cost and incompetence to pass the same to the customers may badly affect the bottom line growth of the company.
    • Unable to expand its business into re-new the long-term agreement with existing customers and inability to acquire new customers can affect the business growth and revenue of the company.
    • Earning revenue from diverse industries, and any kind of adverse impact in any industry can affect the revenue from the operations that can affect the cash flow and financial performance of the entire company.

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share Price in Grey Market

    The Grey Market price of the TVS Supply chain will be available in the market as per the demand of the TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share Price in the grey market. Once the issue price opens and closed, the TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share GMP will be known.

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Review & Analysis

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions is part of India’s one of the well-known business house, TVS Mobility Group and one of the biggest companies under the TVS group. And the company is a market leader in the logistics and supply chain industry with a client base from different industries.

    Moreover, the company is also specialized in delivering simplified solutions to the customer's supply chains using the advanced technology, data analytics and right execution that TVS Supply Chain Solutions has gained through the experience.

    However, the company is already serving different customers from different industries and further looking to expand its business into more innovative and promising areas like EV, Clean Energy and Health-tech. This approach will not only give a competitive advantage to the company but also add a new source of revenue from the operations.

    Though the  TVS Supply Chain Solutions Share Price is not yet disclosed, hence valuing the company or comparing it with its peer group members would be not possible right now. But if a share in the IPO is issued at discount, it would be worth investing in the TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO, with a great scope of enjoying the listing gains or keeping the share with the long-term perspective.

    How to Apply for TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO?

    If you chose Moneysukh for applying in the IPO, it would be a seamless experience for you. Apart from a full-fledged online platform for the secondary market for Equity, Commodity, and Currency, Moneysukh also offers an all-in-one platform for applying for the IPO.

    Step 1: When TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO starts apply through your broker.

    Step 2: Here you can visit and log in with your Moneysukh User ID & password.

    Step 3: Browse here into the IPO section and click on TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO.

    Step 4: Now just fill in the required information like price, quantity, and so on.

    Step 5: Here you need to make the desired payment and your IPO application is successful.

    How to Check TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Allotment Status? 

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO Allotment Status

    IPO allotment status gives investors the details about the number of shares allotted to them in an IPO

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO allotment status would be available soon after the IPO closure date. Usually, the allotment comes within a week from the IPO closing date which in this IPO is yet to be announced.

    One can check the TVS Supply Chain Solutions allotment on the below link with YOUR PAN number or Application number or DP Client Id. All you need to do is to follow these steps:-

    TVS Supply Chain Solutions

    IPO allotment status

    1. Go, Click to Application Status
    2. Select TVS Supply Chain Solutions IPO  
    3. Enter your PAN Number or Application Id or DP Client Id.


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