Why Fundamental Analysis Is Important

Implied Volatility in Options: Why it is importance in Trading

Volatility in the stock market is a very common phenomenon traders face while buying stocks or trading in the future & options (F&O) market. And in the options market volatility plays a major role in changing the price of the option chain of underlying stocks or indices. Trading options can be very risky compared to […]


What is Strike Price in Options & How to Select Strike Price?

Apart from the cash segment, there are derivatives in the stock market where a huge volume of trading takes place. And in the derivatives market, Future and Option (F&O) contracts are traded in lots of underlying securities and main indices like Nifty. Trading in the F&O segment is not easy for the common man, you […]


Commodity Options Trading: How to Trade & Top Strategies

After Equity, commodities are the second biggest market for traders to bet or invest and earn some money with the price change in the different commodities. This practice gives the advantage of commodities prices fluctuations even without buying or selling the physical commodities, that needs additional storage and transportation cost. Similarly, trading in the underlying […]

Indian Rupee slips below 83 mark against US Dollar

USD INR Options Trading Strategies Beginners Guide to Trade

Options trading is the underlying stocks, commodities or currency trading into the market with various options to buy or sell the contract. In the currency market, there are various currencies traded against each other giving multiple opportunities for traders. Before moving to USDINR option trading we need to understand options trading. The option chain contains […]

What are the Benefits of Demat Account: Advantages & Why you need it

Introduction to Options Bullish Strategy

Introduction to Bullish Options Trading Strategy An option is a financial derivative contract that gives the option holder the right, but not the obligation, to sell or purchase an underlying security at a pre-specified expiry date and at a pre-specified strike price. Whereas, the option seller is obligated to honour the contract when the option […]