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Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company IPO Details: Launch Date, Share Price, Size & Review


Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company limited – about the company

Niva Bupa is India's largest Specialised Health Insurance (SHI) providers, which focuses on providing access to the best healthcare through health insurance products and services. The company had market share of 16.24%, 15.58%, and 13.87% from FY24 to FY22 based on retail health GDPI. The company has 14.73 million active lives insured as of March 31, 2024, with retail health products accounting for 68.47% of its overall GWP for Fiscal 2024. The retail health insurance segment is the most promising segment in the health insurance industry in India due to higher average premium per life, higher renewal rates, and lower Combined Ratios compared to group health insurance. The company sells products directly to customers through direct sales channels and intermediated distribution channels, with a diversified sourcing mix contributing to its overall GDPI.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company IPO objectives

Niva Bupa Health Insurance IPO issue has both fresh issue and offer for sale.

  • The OFS consist of Rs. 2200 crores and the company will not get anything form OFS proceeds.
  • Fresh issue consists of Rs. 800 crores. Out of total which Rs. 625 crores will be used for augmenting capital base to strengthen solvency levels and rest of the amount will be used for general corporate Purposes.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company IPO details:

IPO Open Date Not Announced
IPO Close Date Not Announced
Basis of Allotment Not Announced
Listing Date Not Announced
Face Value ₹10 per share
Price Not Announced
Lot Size Not Announced
Total Issue Size Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up ₹30,000.00 million
Fresh Issue Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up to ₹8,000.00 million
Offer For Sale Up to [●] Equity Shares
Aggregating up to ₹22,000.00 million
Issue Type Book Built Issue IPO
Listing At BSE & NSE
QIB Shares Offered Not less than 75% of the Net Issue
Retail Shares Offered Not more than 10% of the Net Issue
NII (HNI) Shares Offered Not more than 15% of the Net Issue


Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company IPO issue price & size

The RHP of Niva Bupa Health Insurance hasn’t been filed yet, so the important price range are unknown. As soon as the information is announced, same will be updated and the investors can bid between those price range on respective dates. The IPO has fresh issue of up to Rs. 800 crores and an OFS of Rs. 2200 crores.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company IPO launch date

The IPO of this company is launching on (Opening Date XXXX), hence the opening date for bidding is (Open Date) and the IPO is closing on (Closing Date). Investors can bid in this IPO between these days during the primary market hours.

Niva Bupa Health Insurance Company financial statement:

Particulars FY24 FY23 FY22
Premiums earned (Net) 32112.49 26627.51 17525.09
Profit/(Loss) on sale/

redemption of investment

39.49 35.15 53.36
Contribution from shareholders

funds towards excess EOM

2164.51 3641.61 2717.17
Accretion/amortization of (premium)/

discount of investments

60.21 -0.89 -40.31
Interest, dividend and rent – (gross) 1567.13 1309.35 859.92
Total 41943.83 32612.73 21115.23
Claims incurred (net) 22495.41 14393.11 10886.25
Commission (net) 7481.82 1908.28 1204.19
Operating Expenses related

to Insurance Business

10086.34 11801.91 8567.36
Total 40063.57 28103.3 20657.8
Operating profit/(loss) 1880.26 3509.43 457.43


Particulars FY24 FY23 FY22
Financial Metrics
GWP 56075.74 40730.31 28099.71
Premium on reinsurance ceded 11866.23 8899.24 6523.43
Net Premium 44209.51 31831.07 21576.28
Change in unexpired risk reserve 6097.02 5203.56 4051.19
Premiums earned (net) 38112.49 26627.51 17525.09
Claims incurred (net) 22495.41 14393.11 10886.25
Commission paid - Direct 11943.86 4952.67 3364.96
Commission (net) 7481.82 1908.28 1204.19
Commission on reinsurance ceded 4462.04 3044.39 2160.77
Operating expenses related

to insurance business

10086.34 11801.91 8567.36
Borrowings 2500 2500 2500
Reserves and surplus 12820.22 3342.64 1254.02
Operating profit/(loss) –

miscellaneous insurance

1880.26 3509.43 457.43
Profit/(loss) after tax 818.52 125.4 -1965.25
Share capital 16995.35 15106.78 14086.02
Net current assets -32163.9 23436.02 16953.42
Debit balance in P&L account 9319.67 10138.19 10263.59
Sources of funds 32326.21 20918.94 17820.1
Assets Under Management 54582.31 33660.95 24013.15
Solvency Ratio 2.55 1.67 1.72
Retention Ratio 78.84 78.15 76.78
Claims Ratio 59.02 54.05 62.12
Expense Ratio 39.74 43.07 45.29
Combined Ratio 98.76 97.13 107.41
Expense of Management as % of GWP 39.27 41.14 42.46
Retail Health GWP 38398.34 29697.4 21573.4
Operating Metrics
Number of active lives insured

at the end of the Fiscal

14.73 9.89 7.29
Network Hospitals 10460 10005 8562
% of cashless claims through

Network Hospitals

70.01 66.54 62.53
Claim Settlement Ratio 91.93 90.53 90.78
Retail Health Market Share 9.1 8.39 7.02
Retail Health Accretion Market Share 12.85 17.31 18.22
Average ticket size per policy 28797.48 26083.91 22183.45
GWP per policy sold by agents 25028.29 22895.36 20645.93
GWP contribution of new retail health

indemnity policies with sum insured ≥ ₹ 1 million

70.72 67.37 63.01
Renewal rate for retail health

indemnity policies (by value)

92.15 89.41 89.97
Renewal rate for retail health

indemnity policies (by value)

92.15 89.41 89.97



Promoters & shareholders of Niva Bupa

There are 2 corporate promoters of Niva Bupa Health Insurance, i.e.

  • Bupa Singapore Holding Pte Ltd
  • Bupa Investments Overseas Limited

Competitive strength

Focus on GWP growth, capital efficiency and profitability

As per Redseer Report, the company is the third largest and second fastest growing insurance company in India based on overall health GDPI in Fiscal 2024. The company has narrowed the gap in scale from larger competitors and widened the gap from smaller competitors in terms of retail health GDPI.

The company's focus on higher LTV and higher margin products in the retail health line of business resulted in a contribution of 70.72% of new retail health indemnity policies with sum insured of over Rs. 10 lakh for Fiscal 2024. The average ticket size of policies sold increased by 29%, from Rs. 22,186 in FY22 to Rs. 28,797 in FY24.

Diverse products offering

The company offers a range of health insurance products catering to all stages of the customer lifecycle, identifying customer groups based on age, income, and health status. Key products include "Reassure," which caters to upper class and wellness-focused customers, and "Aspire," targeting Millennials and Generation Z.

The company has developed a customer Lifetime Value (LTV)-based approach to new product creation, leveraging data analytics to determine LTV based on customer profile, claims experience, loss ratio assumptions, inflation, acquisition cost, and risk perception. This approach has enabled the company to innovate with new products targeted at specific customer groups and map customer groups via distribution channels, achieving favorable underwriting outcomes.

Strong promoter

Niva Bupa Health Insurance prompter is a member of Bupa group, which gives them access to its international healthcare experience. Bupa’s global health insurance and healthcare experience has had a meaningful influence and impact on company in multiple areas, including product innovation, technical support and actuarial insights and helps in adapting to a changing business conditions.

Multi-Channel Distribution

The company has adopted a multi-pronged distribution strategy which includes direct sales, online sales, and through distributors. The company's diversified channel mix includes corporate agents contributing 27.25%, individual agents contributing 32.07% and broker channels contributing 27.04% to GDPI for Fiscal 2024. The company also partners with 15 web aggregators to distribute its products.

The company's individual agency network has grown to 143,074 agents as of March 31, 2024, with the highest average ticket size per policy sold through individual agents among SAHI peers. The company supports its distribution channel through a physical branch network of 210 branches and an e-agency model, allowing remote onboarding and training of individual agents.

Risk factors

Concentration of segment

The company's pricing strategy is based on assumptions about medical expenses, age, and health conditions, but is subject to factors beyond their control. The company focuses on health insurance, with a total gross written premium of 56,075.74 for the FY24. The growth of the health insurance sector, particularly retail health, is key to the company's performance and profitability.  The company targets Tier I cities but because of aggressive completion, adopts a selective strategy, focusing primarily on SMEs, to better price risks and access customer pool data.

Break-up of premium from direct business written

Particulars FY24 FY23 FY22
Premium from direct business written
Health 54944.28 39873.59 27490.35
Personal Accident (B) 926.76 800.41 607.57
Travel 204.7 56.31 1.79
Total Gross Written Premium or GWP 56075.74 40730.31 28099.71


Reliance on distribution channel

The company has a multi-channel distribution network, relying on intermediary channels such as individual agents, corporate agents, brokers, insurance marketing firms, POSPs, and web aggregators.

The majority of their GWP generated from corporate agents is derived from a limited number of banks and other corporate agents. The company is dependent on its existing relationships with its distributors, particularly its corporate agents.

GWP(2) by Distribution Channels
Fiscal Year ended March 31,
2024 2023 2022
(₹ in millions) (% of total GWP) (₹ in millions) (% of total GWP) (₹ in millions) (% of total GWP)
Direct Sales 7329.77 13.07% 6388.06 15.48% 5276 18.78%
Officers / Employees 7239.35 12.91% 6336.65 15.56% 5112.17 18.19%
Online (through Company website 90.41 0.16% 51.41 0.13% 164.62 0.59%
Individual Agents 17985.16 32.07% 14670.46 36.02% 10678.63 37.29%
Corporate Agents 15281 27.25% 10528.65 25.85% 7704.04 27.42%
Banks 10987.57 19.59% 7146.95 17.55% 5224.27 18.59%
Others 4293.43 7.66% 3381.7 8.30% 2479.76 8.80%
Brokers 15164.94 27.04% 8865.71 21.77% 3754.07 13.60%
Insurance Marketing Firms 137.63 0.25% 93.66 0.23% 54.76 0.19%
Point of Sales Persons 116.39 0.21% 143.09 0.35% 62.69 0.22%
Web Aggregators 60.86 0.11% 40.48 0.10% 768.73 2.74%
Total GWP 56075.74 100% 40730.31 100% 28099.71 100%



Grey market premium is the premium quoted over the IPO issue price. GMP shows that investors are ready to pay above the upper band of the IPO issue price. GMP is determined in the grey market as per the demand and supply of the shares in the primary market. A grey market is that unofficial ecosystem of unlisted companies' stocks that start trading even before the launch of the IPO to the date of its listing.

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However, GMP is not a reliable factor, as it keeps fluctuating as per the demand and supply of shares in the primary market. There are numerous factors that affect the stock market in India and individual stock prices of different companies that are already listed and trading in the secondary market. However, for an IPO-bounded company, you can consider the GMP as the speculative listing price of the share

According to various online sources, the Grey Market Premium or GMP of the NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE is trading around Rs XX  in the grey market. It means shares are trading at the upper band issue price of Rs XX with a premium in the grey market and may list around the same price.


To apply in NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE IPO you need to open demat account to hold your allotted shares and a trading account to sell or buy the shares into the secondary market. And not only applying in the IPO, but while buying or selling the shares in the stock market you also need both these types of accounts. Hence, you can apply here at Moneysukh to open a trading and demat account at the lowest brokerage.

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Step 1: When NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE IPO opens you can bid online.

Step 2: Just go to and log in with your User ID & password.

Step 3: Now look for the IPO section and click on the NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE IPO.

Step 4: Here you need to fill in the required details like price, quantity, and so on.

Note: At the time of applying for the IPO, make sure to bid at the cutoff price and then submit your application. 

Step 5: Now make the required payment and then submit your IPO application successfully.

How to Check NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE IPO Allotment Status?

Checking the allotment status online is very easy if you have the PAN details and IPO application number. But checking the details of the IPO allotment is possible only when the basis of allotment is arrived. In the case of NIVA BUPA HEALTH INSURANCE IPOyou can also check the allotment status through various online sources.

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And the basis of the allotment is highly dependent on the oversubscription of the IPO. If the IPO is oversubscribed by many folds, then for the investors who applied through the retail category or HNI category, the chances of getting the allotment become very low. Here while applying to such over-demanding IPOs you can follow some tips to improve your chances of getting the allotment in IPO.

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And when due to oversubscription of IPOs, you don’t get any allotment of shares, then your money will be refunded back into your bank account or fun will be unblocked if you applied through ASBA. However, despite the oversubscribed IPO, if get the allotment then the allocated shares will be transferred into your demat account any time before the date of listing. That you can sell in the secondary market after listing or keep from the long-term investment point of view.



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