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How to Start Algo Trading in Moneysukh: A Best Algo Trading Platform


Thanks to AI and Machine Learning, the systems and tasks are getting automated making the results more productive and accurate. In the stock market, fully automated trading software makes this possible helping people earn money from the trading.

Algorithm-based trading is the new age of concept in trading providing automated trading solutions to brokers to generate consistent profit. As it is not possible for retail investors to directly use the Algo software and earn profits from trading.

It requires a huge infrastructure, advanced trading platforms, a real-time fast database of stock prices and fast internet to show everything timely and finally workforce to handle all these and ago software. If you are looking to start algo trading with any broker, you can find here everything to know how to use and start with algo trading companies in India.

What is Algorithm or Alog Trading?

Before we start with the Algo trading software, platform and top companies providing this facility, let's understand what is Algo trading and how it works. And to know more about Algo trading in detail, like whether is it profitable read our blog mentioned below.

Algorithm or Algo trading is a kind of automated trading system or you can say computer-generated programming that is used through software to carry out trade orders, as per the predefined set of rules and instructions according to stock price, quantity, timing, volume and other key factors to execute the buying and selling transactions speedily.

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This Algo-based trading software can execute multiple transactions simultaneously at a very fast speed and can generate higher profits compare to humans.

Algo trading is deployed with the help of complex formulas, combined with relevant mathematical tools and techniques. And all this is implemented with the help of human inelegance to take the final decision of buying or selling stocks, currency, commodities or cryptocurrency and any kind of financial instrument trading on stock exchanges.

How Algo Trading Works?

The mechanism behind Algo trading is – algorithms are developed based on data taken from the stock market. Software developers used their brains and coding methods to instruct the computer system to take the right decisions and actions of buying or selling and other activities as per the different situations in the market.

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    In Algo trading there is no space for human emotions while taking decisions about buying and selling stocks, instead, software follows the strategies formulated that have been developed through a pre-defined set of rules in the algorithms.

    A few common strategies are trend-following strategies, volume-weighted average price arbitraging and index fund rebalancing. But using the right strategy as per the market conditions and making the same success is only possible when the strategy is well-tested. Once such strategies are developed, it is authenticated by the exchange to use in the market.

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    How to Use Algo Trading?

    To use Algo trading you need its technical knowledge and infrastructure to deploy and implement the Algo-based software or computer application developed for Algo trading. Using Algo trading is possible when you have the fully tested and reliable software and all the resources to run this software efficiently on your computer system.

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    Retail investors and traders will be not able to use the most of Algo trading software on their system, as it also needs technical experts, stock market analysts and other experts to keep an eye on the software and adjust the trading strategies as per the conditions and trends of the market. But you can start the Alago trading, let’s find out how.

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    How to Start Algo Trading?

    Starting Algo trading is easier if you choose the right company, in the stock market you can say the stock broker provides the algo trading platform using the best algo trading software in India. Here you can open demat account with the broker and apply for Algo trading with sufficient funds and extra charges for opting for the Algo trading services.


    Here, you have to keep in mind several things before starting the algo trading like choosing the best algo trading companies using the best algo trading software and providing the best algo trading platform at minimum charges giving the maximum results. In the next section, we will tell you what are the top companies offering algo trading platforms.

    Algo Trading Companies in India

    You can find multiple companies providing Algo trading services in India. Moneysukh is one of thebest algo trading companies in India providing this facility.Moneysukh is using the best algo trading software that is successfully tested in the stock market and also used by the other stock market trading companies and broking houses in India.

    Moneysukh facilitates all the infrastructural facilities, and resources to successfully deploy algo software and implement the best suitable trading strategy as per the market trend. Moneysukh offers the best and most robust Algo trading platformto make sure the traders or investors get the maximum returns investing through such automated trading software.

    Best Algo Trading Platform in India

    Moneysukh has tied up with some best algo trading platforms in India with cutting-edge technology to facilitate hassle-free trading facilities for all types of traders and investors. Moneysukh is using the top and best trading software that is specially designed and developed for the Indian stock market to give the best returns at minimal loss.

    Using the Moneysukh for Algo trading platform you will enjoy various privileges and benefits like no charges while opening the account for Algo trading, no charges for research tools, zero charges for delivery and no maintenance charge for the first year with flexible brokerage plans for trading in the cash as well as derivatives or F&O market.

    Best Algo Trading Software in India

    Though, there are many Algo trading software has been developed so far, only a few of them are successful and reliable for trading. Moneysukh is using the best of them that are mostly used by the leading broking houses and stock market trading companies.

    All these software runs multiple scanners with indicator-based backtesting, allowing the traders to understand and analyze past data with conditions or signals, studies, and other methods to take the right decision of buying and selling in the market. You can find below the best algo software used by Moneysukh and its features.

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    Top 3 Algo Trading Software:

    #1 TradeTron

    In collaboration with Tradetron, Moneysukh brings one of the best trading platforms. TradeTron allows users to create highly effective Algo strategies using their state-of-the-art, patent-pending, web-based strategy builder.

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    This kind of user-friendly and multi-functional trading software allows users to point and click to create conditions and positions as per the market trend that form the building blocks of an Algo strategy. Once the strategy is created, it can be listed on a marketplace where people can subscribe and take trades in their brokerage accounts.

    Key Features of TradeTron:

    • Strategy Building Wizard
    • Execution Algos
    • Backtesting Engine
    • Position Builder
    • Earn by listing Your Strategy
    • Make Algo strategy with no Coding
    • Multiple Execution Types
    • Multiple Asset Classes
    • Allow others to Duplicate Your Strategy


    #2 Algobulls

    It is an AI-driven trading algorithmic platform with the potential to unlock themost profitable investment capital market. Using this AlgoBulls, market players select from various sets of AI-driven strategies that are developed with cutting-edge technology backed by highly experiencedand extensive trading knowledge experts.

    The best part of AlgoBulls is, it is offering a wide range of trading Algo for both beginners and experts to perform all levels of transactions allowing anyone, from anywhere globally to trade and enjoy a bunch of profits from trading in capital markets.

    AlgoBulls provides a very powerful, tech-driven, and AI-led trading platform where both traders and developers canproject their trading strategies and monetize their skills from the same place. Find below the key features of AlgoBulls.

    Top Features of AlgoBulls Software:

    • Platform for individuals, no coding required
    • Paper Trading
    • Over 500+ Algo Strategies
    • Backtesting
    • List and earn
    • Pro-customizations

    #3 Fox Trader

    This is another one of the best algo trading software in India, used by the leading brokers, also introduced by the Moneysukh partnered with Reliable Software India Private Ltd. This next-generation stock trading software has a user-friendly interface. It is specially designed and developed for automated or one-touch trading processes, along with all the exceptional features that can be expected from modern trading software.

    Fox Traderall the leading exchanges including the NSE-CM, NSE-Cur, NSE-FO, BSE, and MCX markets. And the best part of Fox Trader is it can run multiple scanners with indicator-based backtesting, allowing the trader to understand and analyze past data with 200+ conditions/signals, 300+ studies, and other parameters available in the software.

    Key Features of Fox Trader:

    • Easy Backtesting and Live Scanning
    • Real-time market scanner with multiple time frame analysis
    • Technical Indicator
    • Automated Strategies


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    How to Start Algo Trading in Moneysukh?

    If you got to understand the effectiveness and importance of Algo Trading in the stock market, you can start Algo Trading in Moneysukh and enjoy the power of AI in the stock market for generating profits. To start with Moneysukh first of all open demat account here and follow the stepwise instructions given below for different algo trading software.

    Steps to Start Algo Trading in Moneysukh for Tradetron:

    Step 1: First of all Register with Moneysukh and then Sign-up with Tradetron.

    Step 2: Now Login to Tradetron and Go to Strategy Marketplace.

    Step 3: Once you login into Tradetron, you have to Click on subscribe.

    Step 4:Now Navigate to "My Strategies" and look for the above-subscribedstrategy under "Subscribed."

    Step 5: Here you have to click on “Deploy”.

    Step 6: Now select the default settings of “Paper Trading’ and “TT PaperTrading" as a broker.

    Step 7: Now track the strategy on the “Deployed” page, if it shows active, it means it’s working well.

    Note:During market hours, this strategy will take some positions daily.


    Steps to Start Algo Trading in Moneysukh for AlgoBulls:

    Step 1: To start first sign Up/Login to your account.

    Step 2: Now Search for the strategy and Select Strategy.

    Step 3:Here you have to choose from a wide range of strategies.

    Step4: Now select a Plan and Pick the right AlgoBulls subscription plan for yourself.

    Step 5: Here you have to add a Broker.

    Step 6: At this moment you can add Moneysukh broker to your AlgoBulls account.

    Step 7: Now start trading and with all the parameters set, you can now start trading!

    Using the steps listed above for FoxTraderand AlgoBullsyou can apply and start for the Algo trading in Moneysukh. However, for FoxTraderyou have to contact the Moneysukh support team and provide all the details to apply through this algo trading software.

    Apart from these AI-driven automated trading solutions, Moneysukhalso offers traditional trading services in Equity, CommodityandCurrency markets with an online platform and various trading plans for traders or investors at the lowest broking charges.

    So, what are you waiting for, whether it's Algo trading or a manually human-backed trading system, Moneysukh can offer you a one-stop trading solution under one roof. Here you can also get intraday trading tips and stock recommendations for medium-term to long-term investment with the best returns in the industry for retail and HNI customers.

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